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That's right. You read that correctly. George Clooney is coming to Downton Abbey.

Now, sure, it's for a cameo in a special fundraiser type deal over in the UK, called Text Santa. And, yes, it doesn't seem likely that he's going to be sticking around for all that long. But, still - George Clooney is heading to Downton Abbey!

That's...the stuff of fever dreams...

The best part, though? You can totally watch a clip from it below - though, be warned, it does feature George Clooney wearing a suit in a suave and charming fashion. Which, I know from experience, tends to divide opinion.

Ah, screw it - watch it anyway...

Yup. That was indeed George...



In Downton Abbey.

What's next? Angelina Jolie crashing Crufts? Brad Pitt playing Darcy in a BBC remake of Pride and Prejudice? Leo DiCaprio rocking up in Doctor Who?

I mean, actually, that all sounds great - let's make this happen, people!

What do you guys reckon though?


Up for Clooney in Downton?

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