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There hasn't been a lot of talk about the 'Men In Black' franchise for a bit, but there is at least some news that is tarting to hum over the wire.

According to an interbview that Smith did recently with Collider, Smith may be saying farewell to the popular screen franchise. stating that 'three was enough for him.' ARE YOU KIDDING? He said that he may 'consider it' but that was about all.

Smith's co-star in the series, Tommy Lee Jones, I will admit is not getting any younger, but Smith still has a lot of years left in him. As it is, it turns out that Smith's son, Jayden, was approached to possibly take his father's place in the possible coming sequel, but nothing has been cemented as of yet. The most that the elder Smith would say concerning that and that the two were merely 'open' to the possibility of him taking his father's place in the role of Agent J in the next film. Also, he felt that if they were to do [Men in Black 4](movie:489268), that it would do better with a younger cast and should be more of a reboot than an actual continuance to the story of the alien-busting secret agents.

Men In Black, however, is not all that he is shying away from: I Am Legend 2 is looking to be in the works as well, which he declined to have anything to do with as well as the upcoming dual Independence Day films.

So far, the excuse that he has been using at interviews is that he does not want to be the 'sequel guy'. Okay, let's take a look at people that have done sequels for a very long time: let's see, there's Daniel Radcliffe, who did all ten of the Harry Potter films, and then we have Robert Englund, who played the malevolent Freddy Kruger for what seemed like eons in the Elm Street series of films. Then, we have Chris Pine, who has done both Star Trek films as well as The Princess Diaries sequel, and loet's not forget Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, which is a seuel based on the popular books written by Tom Clancy. Need I say more?

So, what he has stated really isn't a defense. If he were to think about these franchises, these were the ones that actuallu gave him a name and a face! What did he think? The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was going to do this? I don't think so.

But, before I digress, it seems that Will is trying to differentiate himself a little too much as of late, The script currently is in the works and is being written by Oren Uziel (who is also rewriting the 21 Jump Street sequel).

So, will Men In Black 4 make it without one of its stars? Only time will tell.......

Special thanks to Collider, Screen Rant, and Perez Hilton for keeping up on all of this!


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