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Okay, Indy fans, here's what we know: as of now, since LucasFilm has been bought out by Disney, it is safe to assume that they own the iconic adventurer as well that was made famous by Harrison Ford with the original Raiders of the Lost Ark and the sequels. But, it was a long and hard fight, as Paramount Pictures still owned the franchise and was not quite willing to part with it so quickly. But, after reaching a mutual agreement, Disney now also owns the rights to Indy and will be paying a slice to Paramount for the use of the character as well as the rights to everything else. Yet another studio selling out, and Disney has their hands on yet another iconic franchise!

There has not been a script (as of yet), but rumors are flying that George Lucas has a 'crazy idea' for the next film that he has been talking with Harrison Ford about. According to The Raider.Net, Ford is currently in negotiations for not one, but two Indiana jones films per his contract, but he will not publicly or privately admit to the news. Now 76, Ford (if he takes up his famous fedora and whip), will definitely have a lot of working out to do if he's planning on playing stuntman again.

In an interview with MTV in 2010, Ford explained that he was wanting to reprise the role in [Indiana Jones 5](movie:203950), but after speaking with George Lucas, he said that until a new script comes to a 'fruitful stage', he was not willing to commit to another Indy film. Most especialy for the fact that he still has the new Star Wars films to contend with now as well. The most he would say is that the next film was 'full of opportunity.'

The other aspects that have to be contended with as well is Shia Leboeuf, whose recent behaviors at events and in public have made him become quite the sore spot in Hollywood as of late. Not to mention some very candid comments that he had made to MTV around the same time as Ford, who stated that he 'didn't like The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' and that Speilberg had 'dropped the ball.'

The only thing that has been confirmed with a certainty is the cinematographer, Janusz Kaminski (whose credits include Schindler's List, Minority Report, Lincoln, Saving Private Ryan, and Catch Me If You Can, just to name a few), but that has only been announced within the last year or so.

It gets pretty bad when a studio who is creating a film as big as Indiana Jones cannot get their stars to commit, but they can get the guy that knows how to move the camera around and get the shots just right. All technical, no flash! I'll keep you posted!


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