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Finding Nemo is an absolute classic and the second highest grossing Pixar movie of all time (second to Toy Story 3, which is fair enough)! The movie first swam into the sea of our hearts eleven years ago, and continues to captivate children and adults, definitely adults, to this very day. Such is the prowess of Pixar.

So, in honor of this emotional and ridiculously fun oceanic masterpiece, here are ten facts you probably didn't know about Finding Nemo:

1. Anemones

Did you know that the same technology used to animate Sulley's fur in Monster's Inc was used to animate the tendrils of Marlin and Nemo's home? The program didn't always work correctly though, meaning some of the tendrils had to be hand animated...

2. Turtle Shells

Did you know that the shells of the turtle kids were designed to look like Hawaiian shirts? They came in three different patterns: one big flower, lots of flowers and tie-dye!

3. Blood

Did you know that the blood that set Bruce off on his almost murderous rage was the first time the red stuff had appeared in a Pixar movie?

4. Proper Research

Finding Nemo crew members all took scuba diving lessons in order to research the movie. They even have the certificates to prove it! That's pretty cool homework.

5. Hold Your Tongue

Actor Geoffrey Rush, who voiced Nigel, actually held his tongue to sound like he had Dory and Marlin in his beak! Method.

6. Crush

Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton voiced Crush, the super cool, surfer dude turtle. He laid on the couch in his office while recording even. Righteous, man.

7. Premeditated Awesomeness

Did you know that Pixar characters are planned years and years ahead of filming? Luigi from Cars makes a cameo in Finding Nemo, just like Nemo first made his appearance in Monster's Inc.

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8. Pizza Planet

The famous Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story appears in Finding Nemo, too. It must be a pretty big franchise to span all the way to Australia.

9. Squash You Like A Bug

The lines on Gill's face were designed as an homage to Willem Dafoe who performed voice duty on the character.

10. A Simple Reef

The coral reef design in Finding Nemo was simplified, because real reefs are ridiculously varied, thus making them a pain to animate. The reef was created in a simple pattern: big round things, tall things and round masses. Simple and effective.

Some cool little facts there for you to impress your mates! So as the year winds down and the Christmas season comes back around, gather your family and loved ones together and give Finding Nemo another go. I know I will be!


What was your favorite bit of Nemo trivia?


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