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The last couple of weeks have been packed with news of upcoming movies. Last week, we got our first glimpses of [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158), as well as Jurassic World - and this week we have not only had the title of the next James Bond movie confirmed (It's called [Spectre](movie:660009)) but casting rumors have also been confirmed for Deadpool, Doctor Strange, and the Suicide Squad.

There is one movie, however, where things have been a little quieter than usual - Batman vs Superman. So what is going on with with Zack Snyder's highly anticipated project? Well, in order to tell you, we have to pick through some pretty serious -

Batman vs Superman SPOILERS!

John Boyega, arrested by Gotham police
John Boyega, arrested by Gotham police

Is there is one question that fans most want to know about Batman vs Superman, it is probably this - what happens to pit the [Man of Steel](movie:15593) and The Dark Knight against each other? Why does Bruce Wayne not trust Superman? Why aren't they working together?

One source for Batman vs Superman that Zack Snyder seems to have heavily relied upon for Dawn of Justice is Frank Miller's legendary graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns. In that, Superman is a government agent of sorts, while Batman is more of a renegade figure - in this movie, however, this does not seem to be the case.

As we know, after the events of Man of Steel, public opinion has seen Superman stigmatized - he is seen as being to blame for bringing General Zod to Earth, and the presence of an all powerful alien is not welcome on Earth. Protestors gather in the streets to show their disapproval:

Things turn sour for the Man of Steek
Things turn sour for the Man of Steek

And there are elements in the world of Batman vs Superman, who seem to want to use this situation to their advantage

Lex Luthor Running For President?

There have been several mentions of Lex Luthor's role in Batman vs Superman in recent weeks.

First of all, there was talk of the opening of a library in Metropolis, funded by LexCorp. This could be one of the first times in the movie we see all our main characters together - Bruce Wayne is in attendance, as in Diana Prince ([Wonder Woman](movie:45787)'s alter ego), while Lois Lane and Clark Kent are reporting on the event.

At this opening, Lex Luthor has apparently put up a huge banner reading "Humanity is Mankind's Greatest Strength" - an obvious reference to protests against the "alien" Superman. By putting himself on the side of the "humans" against the "Alien" - could Lex Luthor's manipulations have something to do with how Batman and Superman come into conflict?

Lex Luthor - running for PRESIDENT?
Lex Luthor - running for PRESIDENT?

The other big revelation for Lex Luthor's role in Batman vs Superman was the rumor that a huge state event had recently been filmed. One extra who worked on the scene said that the event was in fact for the death of the President of the United States. This of course, opens up the possibility that Lex Luthor - as he has done in the comics - would make a run for President himself, using the wave of anti-Superman sentiment to strengthen his claim.

Amanda Waller: Vice President of the USA, Leader of the [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363)?

Of course, if Lex Luthor were to run for the presidency, he would need a running mate - and the latest speculation here is interesting, too.

Amanda Waller, the scariest VP since Cheney?
Amanda Waller, the scariest VP since Cheney?

With the recent announcement of Will Smith, Tom Hardy, Jared Leto & Margot Robbie as members of the Suicide Squad, one figure conspicuous by her absence from the line up was Amanda Waller.

Amanda Waller, nicknamed "The Wall", is a strong-minded leader who has often teamed up with Lex Luthor and overseen the team of villain that is the Suicide Squad. She would also, some have suggested, make a perfect running mate for Lex Luthor were he to make a bid for President when Batman vs Superman comes out in 2016 (itself an election year).

Luthor Waller 2016: is it possible?
Luthor Waller 2016: is it possible?

So what do you think? Is Batman vs Superman's next big spoiler going to be that Lex Luthor and Amanda Waller are running on a Presidential ticket in 2016?

Do you have any Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice theories of your own? Write in with your thoughts below the line


Do you think Lex Luthor & Amanda Waller will be running mates in Batman vs Superman?


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