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Another great week over here at the Moviepilot office! We've been kept very busy with all the casting news and analysing the Star Wars: Episode VII teaser (rolling robots!).

Due to the great feedback we received last week about the weekly wrap up we've decided to follow up with the best posts of this week (as voted by your Community Team) which you may have missed!

1 - Throwback Thursday in Middle Earth

1977 was a simpler time. The first Apple computers were for sale, A BMW cost $8000 and The Hobbit was an animated movie. Long time MP contributor Jordan Redding has put together a great comparison post with a then and now of all your favourite characters from The Hobbit. Smaug has probably changed the least.

Check it out here: What Did Hobbits Look Like in 1977 Compared To Now?

2 - Who's Your Favourite Santa?

The Holiday season is upon us and it's time we confirm something once and for all; who the best movie Santa? This post covers all your Santa bases with classic childhood Richard Attenborough to foul mouthed Billy Bob Thorton to actual psychopath Rick Skene. Cast your vote now!

Check it out here: Pick Your Poison - SANTA CLAUS

3 - Hugo Weaving: Actor Extraordinaire

This post pays tribute to the best pair of eyebrows in the business. Australian national treasure, Hugo Weaving has plenty of awesome roles to his name but in this post, Chris Gander attempts to narrow down the top five.

Vote for your favourite character right here: Hugo Weaving's 5 Greatest Roles

4 - The Goonies Awaken

This video is sure to get every Gen Xer excited, first time poster Steven W Farrell has combined the new Star Wars teaser with 80s classic The Goonies resulting in tasty sandwich of nostalgia and anticipation.

Stop whatever you're doing and watch this trailer with your eyes over here - Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Goonies Edition

5 - The Great DC Universe Theory

We've got awesome fan theory from Iron Angel about recently cast Suicide Squad and their influence on Dawn of Justice. This post gets very deep into the text and is meticulously researched so make sure you know your DC lineup before commenting!

Jump down the rabbit hole here - Is Suicide Squad Connected to Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice?

6 - More Heartbreak for Bond?

Pablo Cuevas is sensing a lot of foreboding from the teaser for Spectre and, honestly, he seems to be onto something. If you've seen On Her Majesty's Secret Service, you may see a couple parallels with the trailer.

Read the whole thing here: SPECTRE - Is Sam Mendes Remaking This Shocking Scene in New James Bond?

7 - Paddington Bear is Back, But Not in the Way You'd Think.

Matthais has brought us the mash up we didn't know we needed, blending the childhood favourite with the Terminator Genisys trailer. However strange you find it, please keep in mind that it is for (in the creators own words) for educational purposes only.

See the whole, crazy thing right here: Paddington: Genisys - Reset the Future

8 - Puttin' the LGBT in DC

Great post from Angela Dauvin about the new generation of characters from DC that are representing the lesbian gay bisexual transgender (LGBT) community! She's rounded up her top 5 favourites in the DC universe in one handy article.

Check out this awesomeness right here: DC More Inclusive? LGBT Heroes are Present!

9 - PSAs from a galaxy far, far away

Sometimes even worthy causes need help from pop culture to stay relevant, lucky for you, Stephen Adamson has rounded up all the most cringeworthy for your Friday viewing pleasure.

Just say no to drugs over here: Rewatching These Classic PSAs Is Creepy, Nostalgic

10 - Real Life Badassery

Start your weekend right by reading about legendary lady spy, Phyllis Doyle, who was an inspiration for Marvels own Peggy Carter. Doyle parachuted behind enemy lines for revenge, I don't want to give too much away, but, basically, you will never be as cool as this lady.

Check it out here: Meet the Real Life Agent Carter: Phyllis Latour Doyle


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