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Warning: Spoilers Mid-Season and Episode 2 of AMC' The Walking Dead, proceed at you own risk.

You should've seen a lot of great easter eggs in season 5 of AMC' The Walking Dead especially in the last episode 'Coda'. But my favourite was the Bob-Easter egg.

The Bob-Easter Egg:

The Easter Egg go as follows: In Episode 2 'Strangers', Gareth and the other terminus people had captured Bob. He woke up with one leg, he was a bit shocked (but thats normal). Gareth Was talking about how they became canibals after that he said to Bob: 'You can't go back Bob'. That was, in that moment, a normal sentence. You can watch it in the video below.

The Mid-Season of Season 5 'Coda' the same thing happened! Bob Lamson (another Bob) escaped form Rick's group but, as soon as they knew, Rick went to his car and chase Bob. He told him to stop running, but he didn't. Rick collided with him. Bob's back was probably broken and he begged Rick to take him back to the hospital to which Rick answers ' You can't go back Bob'.


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