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This whole "wins the internet" and "breaks the internet" etc trend is kind of getting old, but this video of Daryl Dixon from [The Walking Dead](series:201193) taking down Ace Ventura puts up a legitimate case for at least winning something. Maybe not the entire internet, but perhaps the hearts of The Walking Dead and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective fans. Falling into both categories, I fully and totally appreciate and support what this video has to offer.

Check it out below:

Ace and his monkey friend Spike are no match for Daryl and his super accurate crossbow skills. Although, there's a twist. This time, instead of shooting normal arrows, he's firing off tranquilizer darts (this scene comes from the Ace Ventura movie of course, but the mash-up is perfect). Ace Ventura, played by Jim Carrey, gets less and less able to think straight as his body gets filled up with tranquilizers.

At first glance, if you watch this without having seen either franchise, this mash-up could fool you. The forest environments are a little different if you look closely, but the crossover is pretty strong.

Well, this begs the question. How awesome would Ace Ventura look as a Walker?


How long do you think it would take for Ace Ventura to get bit?


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