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I've been fascinated by everything [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) and Suicide Squad have been revealing lately. But, there are a whole lot more movies than just those two that have more than enough reason to earn my attention and my excitement.

After 2016's two big DC movies, we'll be starting the next year with Gal Gadot's [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) , headlining the summer for a June 13, 2017 release date. It's a big move on DC's part to put this movie before the Justice League Part 1 film, which is due out later that year in November, but my confidence in the film is increasing, mostly due to the announcements and specific rumors I've come across in the last month or two.

Let's take a look at what we know so far:

Defending Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman

First off, let me list two of the complaints I've heard about Gal Gadot's casting in the role of Wonder Woman:

1. "She Can't Act!"

Okay, I can't say a whole lot about Gal Gadot's casting in the role of Wonder Woman, considering I've never seen the Israeli actress/model star in anything. I'm aware of her inclusion in the Fast and Furious franchise, but considering that I don't waste my time with those movies, I continue to remain oblivious to her acting capabilities.

What I can say in her defense against the fans who complain about her performance in those movies is this: The directors and writers of those films are not the most prestigious in the business and therefore, her character may not have been written well enough or given the right kind of opportunities to shine. I don't think anyone goes to see Fast and Furious for a truly deep experience, they go for the spectacle of it all, which is fine if you are into that sort of thing. But alas, I'm on the outside looking in on this one, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

2. "She Doesn't Look Like Wonder Woman!"

Well, let's just get this out and done with. We shouldn't be focused on purely the physical attributes for casting any character, whether they're male or female. What's extremely frustrating for me about this complaint is when someone goes out of their way to mention her chest size. I don't have her exact size number, and I honestly don't care. I don't think that women should be measured (get it?) by the size of their breasts. Doesn't that go against the feminist ideology that it's wrong to objectify women based on their figure, form, or stature?

I can tell you right now though, that despite her petite appearance, I am still extremely impressed by her appearance as Wonder Woman. When you look at the picture of Gal Gadot above, you can sense the power in her character. Gal has also displayed a great deal of dedication to the role, she seems to be very driven and very proud of her accomplishments in preparation for this role.

Michelle MacLaren to Direct

I like the idea of casting a woman to direct Wonder Woman. Did I feel that it had to be that way when there were no announcements yet? No, there've been plenty of fine movies starring females that were male-directed. However, I think that having a Michelle MacLaren as director will provide a connection between her and Gal which will help the movie to feel more emotional and allow the audience to connect with the Wonder Woman.

On top of that, I've heard nothing but good about MacLaren's directing capabilities. She's very well known for her work on a three episodes (good ones) of The Walking Dead, a few Game of Thrones episodes (I don't watch), and most notably her work on Breaking Bad.

I think it's great that they were able to get a quality, female director and feel that her work directing and writing alongside Jason Fuchs is going to be brought out nicely.

Now, for the main purpose of my article.

The Rumored Story

Apparently, the Wonder Woman film will be a slightly different approach than what many probably expected. Mind you, this is all rumor, but could totally be legit. The rumor is that Wonder Woman's first solo film will take place during the 1920s, when women were just beginning to fight and gain their equality in a society of men.

Rumor has it that the sequel will be set after the events of WWII and then followed by a threequel that would take place during the modern day era that Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice inhabits. Take this all with a grain of salt considering that there are no sequels announced for Wonder Woman in the long list of movies WB/DC have coming out till 2020. My guess is that they probably want to see how well her movie does first, before green-lighting anything else, but I am confident. It'd be cool too, to see Wonder Woman interacting in an era when women were not treated as equals, and it'd be cool to see the inspirational role she would provide to women in the movie, as well as for women in real life.

But, I want to skip all that and talk about if she gets her solo set in modern day society, or if the threequel does. We've seen Wonder Woman as a feminist icon who inspires women to be strong, we've seen her kind of interact/respond to the older mentality around men and women and our society altogether. How could she be an inspiration in our modern day society?

1. Rejecting the push to be "pretty"

Society puts too much pressure on appearance.
Society puts too much pressure on appearance.

In our modern-day society, women are pressured into looking beautiful. You must keep up with the styles of those who "know better" and you need to be a certain size in your waist, guts, chest, etc. Girls nowadays can become so depressed if they don't look as beautiful as the girls in the magazines. Some girls have even gone on to attempt or have taken their lives because they weren't "pretty enough," as they are told by peers at school or something similar.

2. Rejecting the push to have sex.

Those who refuse are often rejected.
Those who refuse are often rejected.

It's not uncommon knowledge that sex sells to the masses of our modern-day society. You can't walk into any store, drive down any highway, watch TV, or cruise the web without having something sexual or sexually driven thrown in your face. Sex has become a way to solidify social status among peers, especially amongst teenagers and young-adults. Love is desired, but physical contact is required in order to get that feeling, and those who are strong-willed enough to say no and to wait are labeled "prudes" and are often subject to condescension.

Wonder Woman's Response To Society's Problems

It would be nice to see a movie where Wonder Woman tore down those stipulations on society. That she'd be an inspiration to girls by letting them know that you don't have to look like the girls on magazines to be pretty. Who you are on the inside is a reflection of your beauty and it'd be nice to see Wonder Woman emphasize that. This pressure, although originally thrust upon the female community, is not one-sided. It affects both men and women, boys and girls. We all have to look a certain way or feel that we should look a certain way to fit in. And it'd be nice to see Wonder Woman, originally created to be an inspiration for women, to actually become an inspiration to all people, no matter what gender category they fall under.

Admired for her strength.
Admired for her strength.

The same goes for the push to have sex, that pressure that we must partake in, the physical activity to feel love. So many boys and girls, men and women, are left heart-broken because of the pressure that was put on them in this regard. How many times has a guy told a girl "I love you" but had ulterior motives? How many times has a girl used sex to get something from a guy? These are the things that plague our society today.

I want to see Wonder Woman respond to these things in a way that's positive and productive and inspirational for all people. Although she is being played by a model, I don't feel that there should be much attention payed to Wonder Woman's looks, beyond her just being a woman. I don't want to see her over-sexualized because then what's the point?


You may ask why the above points matter to me, and I'll tell you. I have a daughter who will be seven years old when she more than likely sees this movie. I want her to be given a hero of the same sex to look up to, the same way that boys look up to Superman or Batman or any other strong male superhero. I want my daughter to know, that it's not about how pretty you are in life, and it's not about what you can do to make your boyfriend happy, but that life is about more important things than such superficial stipulations.

This article may have been a little more heavy-hearted than I originally intended. But the thing is, DC's movies are being made to be more serious in tone, addressing real-life issues in a fantastic way. I think that the over-abundance of our culture's perverted mindset needs to be addressed, and I feel Wonder Woman is the character to address it.


Do you feel Wonder Woman's movie could be inspirational?


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