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The Flarrow crossover has begun!!! Sorry if I'm a bit late, but I am in a country that only gets the Flash on Thursdays and that doesn't even get Arrow, so I haven't been as caught up as everyone elsewhere has been.

But anyway, I wanted to talk about Oliver's child because nobody seems to want to. As most of you might know if you've watched the season 2 episode "Seeing Red" that Oliver had gotten a woman (who was decidedly not Laurel) pregnant and that Moira had payed the mystery lady to keep quiet and flee the country. After that, Moira had lied to her son, saying the woman had suffered a miscarriage.

It seems, though, that the woman had fled to Central City.

Now I'm really just playing on a hunch here, but bear with me for a couple. It's nothing confirmed, but while Oliver is leaving the cafe, mystery girl is talking on the phone, telling the person on the other side of the line she'll be home with some hot chocolate. I can't remember the exact words, but I definitely heard mom, or mommy, and just who did she look at while saying these words? Bingo. Oliver Jonas Queen.

We don't even know if the child is a girl or a boy. How old they are? What they look like? In the comic books, Oliver Queen does have a son, Connor Hawke. His mother, Sandra "Moonday" Hawke. He's got a story-line, but I don't wanna give too much away. If you want to see some more about Connor Hawke go to:

I for one would be very excited to see how Oliver would react to having a child. Wouldn't you?


Do you think the Arrow's child will be brought to the silver screen?


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