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In 2014 Steve Chandon, egomaniac millionaire, and nature activist ventures into the wild in pursuit of an incident from 2003, that will not give him any rest: An encounter with an "unknown" creature.

In November 2014, Steve starts his journey, armed with cameras, lighting, and further equipment, planning to prove this creatures existence.
But what was planned as a short trip soon turns into a long, and intense journey, as Steve distances himself from society and it's norms, more, and more, and begins to see himself as a part of his surroundings.
Even Lynn, Steve's girlfriend, doesn't seem able to change his mind.
And so Steve stays in the deep forest, which he sees as his territory.
Live-chats are Steve's only contact to the outside world, as other humans to him are not welcome.

In solitude, and fuelled by alcohol, Steve descends into his own world, in which there is no higher purpose than proving this creatures existence.
"NATURE" is the first mystery/found footage-documentary series, showing amazing shots of nature, and featuring Max Evans (Reeperbahn- Film, Großstadtrevier, Footlose- the musical,...) as Steve Chandon, alongside well known guest-stars from the international mystery/horror and thriller genre, such as :

- Ryan Nicholson (Nicholson has worked on awesome series like "The X-Files", and "Supernatural", as well as movies such as "Dead Rising" by Legendary Pictures (The Dark Knight trilogy, Godzilla)
- Shawn C. Phillips (Haunted High, Ghost Shark, Jersey Shore Massacre , Grave Encounters 2 etc.)
- Damien Colletti (Law Abinding Citizen, The Shooter, The Ritual, Medical Detectives etc.)
- and more...

With "NATURE", experienced , award winning director and author Timo Rose (Barricade, Game Over, Reeperbahn- Film, “Mission M TV”) enters new territory, directing his first Series. The idea for the series is based on the original script "NATURE", by Timo Rose.
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Editing by Kai E. Bogatzki:

Score by Myra:


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