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Last week, there were frantic reports that Ridley Scott would not be coming back for [Blade Runner 2](movie:293049), the sequel to the beloved sci-fi classic from 1982.

In a more recent interview, however, Scott tells Yahoo that we all may have jumped the gun on this one. He admitted that he does not yet know who will be directing, but he's having trouble letting go of the Blade Runner story since it's "one of the most personal pieces [he] did." I've never been so happy to be wrong!

Scott made it clear that he is fully supportive of the direction Blade Runner 2 is taking:

The script is very, very good. Very good. I wouldn't know [what sort of director we'd want]. It's a hard one to track because it's a very personal piece of my work.

While Scott admitted that they are "getting close" to reaching a decision, we're right back where we started when the film was announced. Supposedly, the hurdle for Scott's involvement is a scheduling conflict with [The Martian](movie:959366), which has already begun production. So, will Scott push back the production of Blade Runner 2 to ensure his place in the director's seat?

As I previously speculated, this could have an effect on Harrison Ford's involvement in the film. Scott and Ford famously fought onset of the original, but Ford's character, Rick Deckard, has a prominent role in the sequel's screenplay. In fact, it sounds like the entire plot of the film is about searching for him. Sounds like Scott and Ford will just have to work it out. Hey, even with the spats, the final result wasn't too shabby the first time.

Would you like to see Ridley Scott come back for Blade Runner 2, or would androids benefit from some new blood in the mix?


Who would you most want to see come back for Blade Runner 2?


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