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Fantastic news, everyone! The wonderful word sorceress that is J.K. Rowling has decided to play Santa Claus and start doling out presents a bit early this year.Today Pottermore made an announcement that will surely make any Grinch's heart of ice begin to thaw:

We’re feeling extra generous this year, so we’re bringing you early gifts this Christmas. Starting Friday, December 12, we’ll be releasing a festive surprise for you every day at 1pm GMT (8am EST).
With wonderful writing by J.K. Rowling in Moments from Half-Blood Prince, shiny gold Galleons and even a new potion or two, make sure you don’t miss out – just visit and answer our rhyming riddles to unwrap a surprise every day.

My apologies in advanced to any friends and families of Harry Potter fans, your presents will likely be outshone by J.K.'s generous gift or more tales of the Wizarding World. Say goodbye to the 12 Days of Christmas and start gearing up for the 12 Days of Harry Potter!

What exactly these stories will entail is mostly up for speculation. I imagine we will hear more about classic Wizarding holiday rituals, perhaps some sort of explanation on where wizards stand regarding the whole Santa Claus mythos, I'm hoping for at least some mention of the feasts *drools*.

We can assume that this will be a lot like her massive Halloween drop in which she gave readers over 5,000 words worth of HP.

According to The Telegraph, the Pottermore newsletter, fans can expect to see:

Brand new writing by JK Rowling and even a new potion or two.

And in the same way that Rowling gave personal insight into Dolores Umbridge in the Halloween writings, we will be be able to learn more about Harry's Hogwarts nemesis, Draco Malfoy, and her thoughts on the character (!!!).

As I sit in the office wearing my Gryffindor snuggie (not a joke), I am doing my very best to hold in my internal screams of elation. It will be pretty difficult to play it cool until December 12, but I'm sure it will be well worth the wait.

Happy early Christmas to us all!


How are you reacting to the news of some fresh Harry Potter writing?


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