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From the conception of The CW's "The Flash" we have all wondered...Who is the man in the yellow suit? The pretty boy, Eddie Thawne? The mysterious Harrison Wells? An alternate Barry from a different dimension? Well ladies, and gents, i do believe I might be close to decoding our mystery.

First and foremost I'm going to make the claim that Harrison Wells is indeed the reverse flash. I know, I know. "He can't be the reverse flash, he and the reverse flash were in the same room opposite each other!"

Yes, yes I know. I'm not saying it's Harrison Wells as we know him today. I believe it is indeed a different Harrison Wells. A Harrison Wells from an even further future. Here is my theory:

Harrison Wells said it himself. His most important creation is The Flash. I believe Harrison Wells had to come back in time to make sure not only that Barry became the Flash, but that he became a much better flash. Flash went missing in the crisis. I'm assuming that we're referring to crisis on infinite earths, where Barry is supposed to sacrifice himself to save everyone. Harrison Wells knows this, but in the future Barry lacked the conviction and skills to save everyone, and therefore will fail humanity. Harrison Wells believes he is a hero, and has to make Flash better, whatever the cost. Be it killing another person, or creating multiple villains. The Flash has to become more than what he was originally. He has taken it upon himself to travel back in time and save the earth and all of the earths. Now, here is where it gets tricky..

The Reverse-Flash is coming. He is finally showing himself and ready to confront Barry. In the preview for next week's mid-season finale, You can here the Reverse-Flash saying "It is your destiny to lose to me, Flash." It sounds like he's definitely also from the future. Now, this week in case you didn't hear that Felicity gave Star Labs facial recognizing software and in case you didn't notice that in the above photo, Reverse-Flash is vibrating his face, I believe Harrison Wells will secretly use a combination of his software (Gideon) and Felicity's software to learn the true Identity of the Reverse-Flash. And I believe he will see his face and realize the horrible truth that he is destined to be Barry's greatest enemy, that he is destined to not only kill Barry's mother, but to be everything that hurts Barry throughout his life. I believe this will drive him insane. Think about it. He has spent his whole life going back into time, creating a particle accelerator, helping Barry, protecting Barry, even killing for him. And he realizes that the person he cares for and is trying to protect is destined to be his greatest foe. He realizes he is destined to wreak havoc on Barry's life for as long as they live, and I believe he will snap. Sound familiar?? It's because it's a very similar story to the way Eobard Thawne became the Reverse-Flash.

In the future, Eobard Thawne was a MASSIVE Barry Allen fan. So much so that he re-created the accident that gave Barry powers, and even traveled back in time to meet him. Upon meeting his hero, in the past, he realized that somehow he was destined to be the Reverse Flash, Barry's greatest enemy, and it drove him insane.

Now, let's take a look at the above image. On the right, we see Barry Allen running opposite the Reverse Flash. Let's examine the color of their running aura. Barry's is yellow. Reverse-Flash's is red. Let's go back to the fateful Night Barry's Mother was murdered.

There is more than one aura in this room! This appears to be the Reverse-Flash and Barry battling at superspeed in the room where his mother was murdered. And it also seems as though the evil speedster is not after Nora, but actually after Barry. Because why else would this yellow streak save Barry's life and not Nora's?

I think the reason for both people is after Harrison Wells learns his destiny, He will steal Barry's powers via the blood of the discount electro we had last week, and go back in time to kill Barry to not only avoid becoming a villain, but to actually have a life and save the earth in infinite earth's crisis and be the hero instead. Barry knows this, and travels back in time with him where Barry has to make the decision to either save himself, or save his mother. You can see above which decision he makes.

Now, this theory may be INCREDIBLY farfetched, I know. I also know there are probably a few plot holes here and there in my theory. What can you expect from time travel and alternate human beings with the same identity? All in all, however this is my theory so far. The main guns i'm sticking to are

  • Harrison Wells current day is an honest man who wants to protect Flash
  • The Reverse-Flash is a future or alternate Harrison Wells and it'll drive Wells insane as it did Eobard Thawne
  • The final battle will be the two going back in time to either kill or save people so that the future is safe from one or the other.

Lastly, let's watch next week's preview and the original scene that Barry's mom was murdered together.

Let me know what you guys think! This is my theory so far! If anything makes absolutely no sense let me know! I think this series is awesome and can't wait for the final reveal!! That's my current theory! What is yours???


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