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Hide yo' kids and hide yo' wives, the [Terminator Genisys](movie:34872) trailer is out! Arnold is back. This is going to be freakin' legit. I don't wanna hear about the last movie and how it didn't live up to the hype. After watching this trailer, I am pretty certain at the very least this is going to be a fun and wild ride.

Check out the trailer below:

The year is 2029, and LA is in absolute shambles

LA is in ruins. Damn, I can actually see my house on here. Only one problem though... it's been burned to the ground.

It's been a "long and terrible war"

The understatement of the century right here. Judgment Day is here and the world may end so yeah... "long" and "terrible" indeed!

Terminator 800 appearance

Booyah! Yes! Everybody's favorite red-eyed robot is back in the mix!

Essentially, "Sir, I would be honored to save your mother and the world"

Although I understand there is a reason Kyle Reese is shirtless as he's about to be sent back in time, I still think he could have thrown on a tee-shirt for this bromantic but still professional moment with John, to be completely honest with you.

We've got ourselves an old police car

Success! Kyle Reese has made his way back in time. Want proof? The police car says '1974' on it. Not sure police cars have ever had the year on them, but still... for the sake of the movie, I am OK with it.

Bad-ass entrance and homage to original movies by Sarah Connor... check!

"Come with me if you want to live". YES! Uh oh, we've got ourselves a plot twist here. Sarah isn't who needs to be saved... this mission isn't going to be that simple.

Because Ahhhhnold. Is. Back.

Wow. The Governator, ladies and gentlemen. Still kicking ass as the Terminator decades later.

Bazooka and child

He's carrying a child and a bazooka. This is going to be gold.

Schoolbus on the Golden Gate Bridge being flipped into the air

So, I could see my house in the first screenshot of post-apocalyptic LA. I also lived near the Golden Gate Bridge in SF... this is literally hitting a bit too close to home. But I love it.

"I'll be back"

I'm positive he'll come back from this. Has Arnold ever lied to us? He jumps out of a helicopter into another helicopter's blades. Dangerous? Definitely. Bad ass? Of course.

This is going to be sweet.


Does Terminator: Genisys look good to you?


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