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If I were to say 'Supervillain', what would you think of?

Loki maybe? With his smouldering good looks and hellbent obsession to take over humanity? Or Magneto, who has a need to overthrow humans for his race to survive? It's easy to call these guys villains, but it's also easy to empathise with them. It's not very often we can look at a Marvel character and say, 'yep, that's a villain through and through,' and quite often, they weren't even a villain to begin with (something triggered their evil streak).

Spider-man has always had awesome villains (Doc Ock, Lizard, Sandman, Venom); however, in my opinion, Sony have the resources to create a film around (who I think) is the most evil and villainous characters in the whole Marvel universe.


I don't care what anyone says, Carnage is a MUST SEE in the Spider-man movies. Venom is ace and I'm not disputing that, but Carnage brings a whole new meaning to the word 'Villain' as he is completely evil through and through.

Cletus Kasady was a very screwed up kid. When I say screwed up, I mean, SCREWED UP! Before he had hit his late teens, Kasady had killed his grandma by pushing her down the stairs, tried to murder his mom by putting a TV in her bath and tortured the family dog. (Now try and tell me that this twisted creature wasn't destined to be a Supervillain). After a while, Kasady was admitted into an orphanage, where he found himself being abused due to his antisocial behaviour. Now, before he was old enough to leave this place, Cletus fell for a girl in his class but she didn't return the affection; so (like any self-respecting psychopath would do) he pushed her in front of a moving bus. He also decided to burn this place to the ground for good measure.

As he grew older Kasady decided to further his profession and become a serial killer, killing 11 people before being captured and sentenced to Ryker's Island. Here he shared a cell with the infamous Eddie Brock (viewers might know him as Venom). Although Brock was rid of the symbiote by this point, a fraction managed to attach itself to Kasady's bloodstream through a small cut. This created the monster we know as Carnage.

Now this story alone would make a killer stand-alone Marvel movie (rated R of course); however, how cool would it be to introduce him into the Spider-man franchise? Not only was the guy evil, but the symbiote magnified this to make him a complete monster. Spider-man would have his work cut out for him against a villain of this magnitude but a kick-ass story can be created around this (maybe an Aunt May kidnap?).

Spidey/Venom team-up?
Spidey/Venom team-up?

Also, in the comics, Carnage was so evil that Spidey and Venom had to team up in order to overcome him. How unreal would that be? Obviously, Sony would have to take a bit of artistic licence with this character, as I think (unless it was going to be R rated - which I doubt) Carnage can be a bit dark and gruesome for the target audience, but there ARE stories here. Maybe they could bring Flash Thompson into the limelight and introduce Agent Venom? Or even move into the Spider-verse with appearances from Miles Morales, Spider-girl, Scarlet-spider and Spider-man 2099? I think this would be a hit as we introduce AWESOME characters and they can all work together when taking on the bloodthirsty creature Carnage. Ultimately, he's very much like a red venom, just 4 million times more evil. A three-way battle between Spidey, Venom and Carnage could be on the cards. This could lead up to that team-up of Spider-man and Venom? How exiting would that be to see?

(Nothing is even rumoured and I'm excited!)

The symobiote is a key element of Spider-man and I assume that Sony will reintroduce Venom at some point, but I'm so passionate to see Carnage, even if it is just a glimpse. One thing that could be holding Sony back from this idea is the CGI surrounding the character. Carnage is effectively a fluid and is constantly flowing. This could put a halt to filming due to the sheer size of the job; but with the funds Sony has, I shouldn't see why not.

Let me know if you think there are better ways to introduce this character or whether we should at all? Leave a comment down below.

Peace and love.


How should they introduce Carnage?


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