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So the Suicide Squad cast was officially confirmed this week and out of all the casting choices I like (Will Smith as Deadshot? Oddly okay with this!), the one I love the most is Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn!

Finally, we get to see Harley Quinn in all her glory on the big screen! And Margot Robbie is a perfect choice for the "clown princess of crime"! In celebration of Harley's upcoming live-action adaption I bring to you some pretty awesome Harley Quinn Fan Art!


Jailed Harley!

Harley's in a bit of trouble with GCPD in this amazing headshot by thejayphenrix! Though, as to be expected, she couldn't care less. No doubt she's certain "Mr. J" has some devious plan to bust her out of the slammer!

Classic Harley Posing Elegantly!

When you think about it, Harley does have a sort of elegance to her. Albeit the only time she's elegant is when she's "elegantly" handling a giant hammer she's about to smash someone over the head with. Nevertheless, you have to give Harley props for posing with such poise and refined elegance in this piece by Rats-in-the-van. And then immediately run away because chances are she's going to be chasing you with that hammer!

Masquerade Mask Harley!

Harley Quinn looks awesome in this anime-esque painting by Flying4Freedom! Sporting a masquerade mask and a novelty gun, Harley's definitely ready to party! Though it's a bit unrealistic. I mean, how is Harley going to punch people out if she has to hold that mask all the time? And sorry, if Harley's aiming a pistol at you, there'll be a bang, but it'll be a lot more realistic!

Special Edition Cover of Justice Magazine!

The "Harley Quinn Special Edition" of Justice Magazine looks awesome! Harley looks stunning on this awesome cover designed by Artgerm, and the tiny Joker she's holding is pretty cool, too!

Arkham City Harley!

Here we see Harley in a sort of Arkham City inspired art style, artist SquirrelShaver paints Harley in her natural element. And by natural element, I mean smiling whilst leaning against her iconic hammer and holding an explosive surprise behind her back! All the while covered in blood (which is almost certainly not her own).


This is a weird one. Never thought I'd see Harley Quinn as a Disney Princess. But hey, here it is, done perfectly by Deviantartist BrowncoatFiction. Plus Harley's already the "princess" of the Gotham underground so this isn't too far off. Though unless you're her dearest "Prince Joker," I'd be careful when trying to win this fair maidens hand. She might just steal your heart. LITERALLY.

Wall Art Harley Quinn!

This one is pretty cool. It's Harley Fan Art.....of Harley Fan Art. Basically what I mean is, it's not Harley herself, but rather a painting of some awesome Harley wall graffiti! This "Harlception" painting was made by BOMBATTACK and was probably made with the blood, sweat and tears of Harley's unlucky victims!

'Tis the Season to Be Evil!

Well you know had I to end this with a Christmas themed one, right? After all, what better way to get ready for the Christmas season than with a picture by bluemadnessfate featuring Harley wreak havoc at the North Pole? Now that I think about it, jolly ol' Saint Nick might be a little busy with clean-up this year...

So there you have it! Some pretty cool Harley Quinn fan art in honor of her awesome casting. Which one's your favorite?


Which Harley fan art is your favorite?


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