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She was a US high school teacher. He was a Kiwi traveller and author. A chance meeting on a beach in Mexico would lead to a long-distance love story that would test their relationship with borders, bureaucracy and breaking up. It would ultimately take them 7 years before they were able to live together as husband and wife.

Loving in Limbo is director Susan Parker’s debut documentary and tells the amazing and heart-breaking story of Hap and Mandy’s love. Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, it explores the depth of Hap and Mandy’s love and how they managed to maintain their connection. For Hap and Mandy, keeping their love alive long-distance was a fraction of what they had to endure: Hap’s deportation from America, travel, separation, family issues and Hap suffering an episode of depression also played a part. Even after their marriage Hap and Mandy endured living apart while Hap waited for his green card.

Susan Parker knows all too well the struggle of long-distance relationships. After falling in love with the man of her dreams she was on her way to Africa to start a life with him when she received a telegraph telling her not to come. She was never to hear from him again. “This is a story that made me believe in love all over again,” she says, “I felt that if they could overcome all the obstacles that were thrown at them, then it meant that I could too. It gave me hope and faith not to give up on love.”
Susan is seeking $25,000 on Kickstarter to help complete the documentary. In the first 10 days she had successfully raised almost 50% of the target. “We already have the footage of this couple’s journey together,” she said. “Now we just need to do a few final interviews and complete the editing process. By reaching our target of $25,000 through Kickstarter, we would be able to tell this beautiful story the way it deserves to be told.”
“We would love to have the support of anyone who believes in love, overcoming obstacles and how your choices in life define you.”

Susan has worked in the film industry for over 25 years, and this is her first documentary as Producer and Director. She has worked in the production department on numerous feature films such as In My Father’s Den, Under the Mountain, The Vertical Limit and The Last Samurai. She has also worked as a line producer in documentaries and television commercials while developing her own documentary projects. Susan lives in Auckland, with the love of her life, her dog Max.

Want to show Loving In Limbo a little love? You can contribute to the Kickstarter HERE.


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