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Apparently Roberto Orci, according to Deadline, is no longer directing Star Trek 3.

If true, I think that this is great news for the franchise because Orci may have claimed at various times to be a fan of the series, but judging from the Trek films that he was worked on, 2009's Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness, I wasn't feeling too good about him directing the upcoming sequel.

I also have no idea why it is that he's left, but what's always mystified me about him was that he has written, produced and executive produced numerous television shows, so why he didn't didn't dip his feet into the directing pool gradually is a bit beyond my understanding.

What's also a bit odd is that the last I heard the movie was going along swimmingly, so either something happened recently that threw a spanner in the works, or things were never as good as some claimed.

Anyway, the article also mentions that directors like Edgar Wright are being considered for the job, so that should go a long way toward assuaging any doubts fans of the franchise may have.


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