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Yes. We're all still pining for Walter. No thanks to those scoundrels at AMC, who reignited our jones by dropping a slice of Better Call Saul on our Walking Dead trip last Sunday. Only a cadre of jerks would think it's a cool idea.... it's not.

Sure, three weeks ago, I tried to pretend that hearing Baby Blue on the classic rock radio station didn't make me misty-eyed.

And I'm not ashamed to admit that every time my 18 year-old calls me "Bitch", I hug him, shaking... sobbing.

"GAWD Dad you're a freak. Stop calling me Jesse.", he says, quickly wriggling out of my needy embrace.

I can't escape the monkey. Not even the boring broadcast networks provide solace. I calmly mumbled 'Oh Dear', when all those yellow haz-mat suits kept showing up in reports about ebola on the evening news. The girl-friend, placing a loving hand on my shoulder at my exclamation, and comforting me, "There's always the Blu-Rays, honey.", she said.

YES. YES! There's always the blu-rays, but I've seen them all. I've watched and watched and watched until the barrel's cover doesn't fit tight anymore. It's just not the same as having the puzzle to figure out. There's no infinite wondering if Vince's plan will somehow derail, or if it's going to all end in a dream and Skyler isn't really real. It's just not the same as the anticipation of a fresh batch of Breaking Bad episodes ready to hit the street.

Is this real?
Is this real?

But. But there's this. A supercut of Walter White and crew spliced together flawlessly. Lovingly edited to the theme song. And he's rapping... YES YES my friends... He's rapping!!!! It's only a small taste. It's all I have on me. And I have no problem sharing. Here, man. Click. Clicky clicky.


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