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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

If you're anything like me, you're probably already missing The Walking Dead, and counting down the days until it returns to our screens in February next year. After the death of main character Beth Greene in the mid-season finale, fans have already been making up theories as to where the show may lead, and how her death with affect the group, and in particular, Daryl. Which of course means that the majority of people see Daryl Dixon as straight - but then there's a group of people who well and truly don't. So last night on 'The Talking Dead', Robert Kirkman spilled the beans regarding the second half of season 5, and the character's sexuality.

Are you happy now, ladies? Besides from the speculation regarding Daryl's sexuality, there was also the whole 'Bethyl' and 'Caryl' thing going on, which obviously isn't going to be up for debate anymore!

So what does it mean? Will Daryl ever find love, or will he forever be alone? Will Caryl ever actually become a thing, or will they always just be friends? I guess time will tell, but I for one, say that Caryl should be a go! Perhaps he'll always be single, because it just seems to work for the character, or maybe he just isn't interested in a relationship - he never made any clear moves towards either Carol or Beth in the seasons gone by.

What do YOU think? Should Daryl find a partner soon, or do you think he should stay single? Let me know!


Should Daryl start a relationship?


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