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With the news that Constantine was cut to a thirteen-episode season, fans flew into a panic over the possibility that this new show had been cancelled almost before it had begun. appeared on Twitter, with fans trying to show NBC their support in an attempt to forestall what many saw as the inevitable.

Hashtags to the rescue!
Hashtags to the rescue!

However, from the sounds of a recent interview with Comic Book Resources News and Angelica Celaya (Zed), this was something of an over-reaction, and the show is most definitely going on!

We have up to episode 15 in our hands, and we wish you guys could see what a riot that would have been. That's going to get reworked for season two. I got contracted for 13 episodes. I didn't get contracted for 15, 19 or 20. The funny thing is, everybody got scared. "They are canceling Constantine." According to my contract, I was only scheduled for 13. According to my timeslot, I knew I was going to have January and February and so on free.

So it seems that NBC may actually have planned for a thirteen episode season - either that, or they chose to only contract the co-star of a new TV show for the first part of the season. Given that Celaya makes it clear that she is still in the show, up to (at least) episode 15, it would be a bit strange not to contract her for the full first season, wouldn't it? Not to mention that she already knew that she would have time off in the new year - not that she would be done, but that she would have the first couple months "off." In the same interview, she said:

There are other series' that started off a little slow, trying to see what they were doing. You see our episodes and the money going into those graphics and CG.
Listen to the lady!
Listen to the lady!

So according to Celaya, it's just a slower start. They did, after all, miss the big fall season opening and start a little later on, and it's more than possible that the network wanted to see the reaction to such a costly show (in terms of CGI and effects) with a shorter season, rather than a full-length one.

See, Zed knows whats up.
See, Zed knows whats up.

Sure, it's possible that the show has been cancelled and the co-star is being kept entirely in the dark (or proving her acting prowess by behaving as though everything is fine), but this sounds much more like she is confident that the show will continue. Undoubtedly this is helped by the similar confidence of showrunner, Daniel Cerone.

Constantine is not canceled. Constantine [has] higher ratings than Hannibal and CLIMBING. Sleepy Hollow 4.6, Flash 3.7, Constantine 3.5, Arrow 2.6, Supernatural 2.5. [And] we have worst time slot. Keep faith!

Celaya did, however, have something to add about the fan reaction to the possibility of cancellation:

Honestly, it's so humbling. As of right now, we have very few episodes on the air because we started late in the season. To have fans out there rallying and voting for People's Choice and making a trending topic on Twitter is very humbling. It only makes us want to get back into the groove, get back into the stories. All of us on set, when we saw the fans screaming and stepping up, we were like, "We have got to make this good. Forget us. Forget whatever the actors want. No, no, no. We have fans we need to please, so we better step this up."
I'm sure Dean is a fan....
I'm sure Dean is a fan....

It seems to me that there was always the probability of cutting the first season at 13 episodes, and that the choice was between extending it to a full 20 (or 22, or however many) and stopping production before starting a full-length Season 2. Cutting it "short" was written into contracts and time slots from the beginning, and the story arc was made to fit a shorter season, so this isn't the axe falling unexpectedly, but a pre-planned option.

In a way, it could be a good sign! As Cerone said, the ratings are great (especially for a late start and a less-than-ideal time slot), so they could have decided to close early just to show the network great ratings for a smaller budget. After all - success for less money will always impress those in charge! On top of which, they now have the fan reaction on their side, and plenty of time for fan support to grow and continue to bump the ratings before any truly final decisions are made.

So while it sounds like we will be seeing more of our favorite exorcist next year, we're not quite out of the woods yet. Don't get too worried, and don't stop watching!


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