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ATENTTION: This notice contains spoilers.

Since they started filming, and concluded, seventh installment of the franchise created by George Lucas, has had to deal with constant leaks, theft of images and rumors (ex, it was learned before time returning the Millennium Falcon). The desire to anticipate the release of the film, set for December 25, 2015, has given rise to so exhausting as ruthless career. In recent times, however, the most significant leakage may have occurred to date... and more harmful to the interests of Disney.

An employee of Lucasfilm (producing the film along to the company of Mickey Mouse ), who calls Spoiler Boy, used the social network Reddit to share an extensive report with considerable details about the plot of the new film, directed by JJ Abrams, and the characteristics of its protagonists. The main headline, as highlighted in " The Guardian " is the seventh chapter will be darker and less dose of humor of the whole saga.

John Boyega , an image of the trailer for Star Wars : the Force Awakens
John Boyega , an image of the trailer for Star Wars : the Force Awakens

The new film, set 30 years after the events described in " Return of the Jedi " which closed the original trilogy , has as its backdrop a military confrontation between rebel forces and the Empire reminiscent of World War II . Where are the old heroes ? Despite the optimistic end of the previous installment , Luke Skywalker lives in seclusion , afraid that you hunt down your enemies , and has just trained a handful of students in the use of the Force.

Others, although they have developed symptoms that could become potential Jedi, have failed to develop their powers in the absence of a mentor. In this group the character of John Boyega , who , as is made clear when watching the trailer for " The rebirth of the Force " is a deserter from the Empire to pursuing treason on the desert planet Tatooine is included.

And the villian is....

Spoiler Boy provides much more detail in his report of 3,000 words. As is available on Reddit so you can consult anyone who so desires, here we'll just echo a further detail: they confirm that it is Adam Driver who plays the mysterious hooded figure carrying a strange and new lightsaber.

Adam Driver playing his role.
Adam Driver playing his role.

The LucasFilm employee leaves a couple of interesting reflections: ensures that, in terms of quality, the new film lives up to the first chapter, 1977 , and states that Lawrence Kasdan 's script is too good to Abrams. This, in turn, would be involved in a war with Disney by disagreements over key points of the new film.


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