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Since Marvel Studios announced adapting [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) , fans have questioned whether the tape will remain faithful to its print counterpart. Although there is speculation that the film will not begin conflict with Superhuman Registration Act, it appears that the House of Ideas respect some important elements of comics, starting with the presence of Crossbones as a key villain in the story.

Therefore many wonder if Marvel Studios also respect the presence of Red Skull in the project, as the malevolent character plays a decisive role in the fate of Captain America. Hugo Weaving, who gave life to the villain in The First Avenger, was questioned about it and said.

I have not talked to anyone about it , we'll have to wait and see . For now I have no idea.

It is worth remembering that Red Skull was disintegrated by Tesseract at the end of The First Avenger and although some think it died, others say the character just was teleported to another level by the power of the Cosmic Cube . Considering the Marvel Cinematic Universe growth with films like Thor A dark world and [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) , we should not rule out that the villain has found a way to return to Earth.

Remember also that Hugo Weaving has current contract with Marvel to participate in two more tapes, although the actor said not interested in returning as Red Skull.

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