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Theatre Geek. Love everything sci-fi fantasy musical action adventure tabletop & computer games. Have my own Theatre Company & Gaming Group.

I am going to start by saying, I am a massive Geek - I love sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, reading, history, Star Trek and Star Wars, comic books (only just started getting into these recently - loving it) and anything where I get to dress up.

I also am a fan of television/movies that are able to give me a great mix of Thriller/Horror and Sci-Fi. I simply Love Haven, because... well it does just that. It also provides a great mix of characters, drama, black-comedy and intrigue.

Our 3 leads - Emily Rose (Audrey/Mara/Lucy/Sarah), Lucas Bryant (Nathan) and Eric Balfour (Duke) - bring a truly magical dynamic. The 3 have brilliant chemistry and are cast perfectly (in my opinion) for their characters.

The support cast is brilliant - Richard Donat & John Dunsworth (Vince and Dave Teagues) are a really lovely mix of odd couple/grumpy old men who are brothers - these 2 are great - Adam Copeland (Dwight) is doing a really great job - he is believable and he is not just a meathead muscle character - he has a great amount of compassion (and his switcheroo episode with Gloria was Hilarious), Speaking of Gloria - played by Jayne Eastwood - she is my favorite supporting character - she is brilliant and soooo funny. She played Adam/Dwight perfectly in that switcheroo.

I will continue to watch until the end - it is funny, scary, mysterious, sexy and intelligent.


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