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F.Y.I.D.I Films is currently crowdfunding for feature length film project The Song the Zombie Sang, based on the classic short story by Harlan Ellison and Robert Silverberg.

It is planned as a low-budget independent production with principal photography occurring at the end of the campaign; between late 2014 and spring 2015. It is to be funded primarily (if not exclusively) through its Seed & Spark crowdfunding campaign.

The film is centred on Nils Bekh, who was once the world’s greatest living musician and composer; and Rhoda, a gifted young music student in the infancy of her own career. With the ultracembalo, a musical system using a neural interface and data gloves, Bekh created and performed some of the greatest compositions in history and died an icon. His legacy lives on, but not just in his music: he is reanimated nightly to perform for an adoring public.

Rhoda, on the other hand, is not so fortunate as to be adored. With few friends and those around her seeing her as arrogant and self-absorbed, she has become both slave and master to her art. Whereas the public adores Bekh’s music, Rhoda finds it soulless and envies his success.

After Rhoda’s academic career crumbles on the verge of a creative breakthrough, the lives of the two will become entwined when Rhoda makes a daring plan to meet the composer on a pivotal night for both herself and the legendary icon.
The film was written and to be directed by A.T. Sayre. The writer and director of the award-winning feature film Whatever Makes You Happy, which screened at several film festivals in 2011 and won best feature film at the 2011 Treasure Coast International Film Festival.

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