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The cast has been confirmed for [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) everybody is still recovering from that. I know a lot of people are going on about what the plot for the film will be, who will the squad be going up against, and many other questions! My biggest question and i know i'm not alone in this is how does The Joker fit into all this? We all know he is not and never has been a part of the squad so could he possibly be who the squad is going up against? I honestly doubt they would introduce The Joker as the main antagonist for the Suicide Squad i think he will get a bigger role for the Batman solo movie rather than this movie. The truth is i think we wont see much of The Joker but he will have the biggest impact by the end here's my theory.

That's right i'm imagining a silence of the lambs vibe to this movie with The Joker and the squad more specifically Harley. The Joker will be playing a Hannibal Lecter role in this movie and Harley might just end up being Clarice? I believe the squad whoever they go up against will be too much for them to try and take on that they will figure they need help. The only one who is crazier and more sadistic than any other villain around is The Joker and he might be the key to their success.

It be pretty fun for us to get our first glimpse of Arkham in this movie when they go visit The Joker to try to get insight on the threat they need to take out. I believe the idea will sound good on paper and it might get the job done at the end of the day but at what cost? Im predicting Harley Quinn will be the one who frees The Joker in the end to wreck havoc in Gotham. This would be a pretty sweet set up for the Batman solo film having The Joker free every inmate or if not just himself either way works. We will have to wait and see im just too excited for all the comic book movies to come!


Will The Joker play a Hannibal Lecter Role?


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