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Amy Martin

Like many other people, I'm well and truly ready to see the second half of The Walking Dead's season 5.... and the mid-season finale aired less than a week ago. Also like many other people, I've been wondering where the show is going to lead for the second half of the action packed season.

There have been plenty of rumors that the second half of season 5 is going to take place inside the 'Alexandria Safe-Zone', which is... well, a safe zone that provides refuge for the gang in TWD comic book series. Robert Kirkman recently kinda, sorta, confirmed these rumors on last night's episode of 'The Talking Dead'.

It's highly likely that Kirkman is referring to a character from the comics named Aaron, who first appeared in issue #67. Aaron is a resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, so that's why I'm so sure the rumors are true, and the gang will find themselves at home in the new sanctuary.

Although this has NOT been confirmed by Kirkman, it seems very likely that this is the direction season 5's second half will be going in, and I for one can't wait to see what happens!

Pictured above: Aaron from the Alexandria Safe-Zone in The Walking Dead comic book series.


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