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Back when 'Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' began, there were many clones that were created from the success of that series (and also from the same company, most of them.....ahem Saban Entertainment?).

Today, Power Rangers is still going strong, with its current installment, Power Rangers: Super Megaforce. Next year, the newest installment, Power Ranger: Dino Charge will be released, Not to mention the new film from Lionsgate and Saban on July 2nd, 2016.

When in all began in 1993, no one had counted on this popular children's franchise lasting for so long. The Rangers have been everything from the originals who protected earth from the evil space with, Rita Repulsa, and her minions to defenders of the enviornment to galactic explorers and even space police officers. Heck, there was even a group that were protecting a magical world and looked like wizards for crying out loud!

So, with all of the fanfare that came from this, why did Saban reach farther out in order to cash in on the success even further if it was doomed to fail? There isn't a network that doesn't have a form of the Power Rangers franchise airing on its airwaves. Nickelodeon is airing Power Rangers: Super Megaforce. Kabillion Network is airing past episodes of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy, and so forth.

During this time, though, experimentation had come forward and created a set of these clones that were lucky that they lasted as long as they did. Below are the ones that I have found, and I have placed a few with them from BPR (* Before Power Rangers) that made me wonder if they may have gotten this idea from other sources.

1) VR Troopers

This so-called 'sister series' was created around the same time as the original MMPR show. Similar in concept, we have three teenagers who are given amazing powers as they fight an evil creature known as Grimlord, the leader of a group of mutants that live in an alternate dimension dubbed as 'VR' (really thought-provoking, huh?) as they try to protect the planet fro an interdimensional invasion.

Below is the first episode of the series for your viewing pleasure, entitled 'The Battle Begins Part I- The Chosen Troopers'

2) Big Bad Beetleborgs

When I saw this when I was younger, the first words out of my mouth: You have got to be kidding me! A comedic-style POwer Rangers spoof with three kids that stumble into a haunted house full of monsters. But one of them, a particular ghost named Flabber, grants them a wish to become the Beetleborgs, a group of armored insect-like superheroes who must stop evil villians from their favorite comic book as they have escaped into the real world.

It had been too bad that most of the show had been those same three kids trying not to end up on the menu! Not sure if this is just cannibalism or just plain creepy!

3) Photon

Okay, now I am not sure who ripped off who with this one, but this early series was not done by Saban, but DIC, back in the mid-eighties at the height of 'laser tag' popularity (let's face it, it's just a 'Laser Tag Academy' rip-off with a bigger gun!) But, it still leads to the question:

'Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy's older but lamer brother? You decide...... and they're playing 'Footloose'...... and badly!

4) Ultraman Tiga

Been a lot of these, but mostly in Japan. This one when it hit American shores on Fox Network, Ultraman wasn't given the proper welcome that it was wanting. It was more like a funeral dirge! But hey, what can I say?


As anyone can see, sometimes you just can't copy a good thing. No matter how hard you try, it's never going to be the same.


Which of these clones was worse?


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