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Don't you hate it when someone asks you that irritating question... I mean come on how do you answer that question?? Of all the hundreds of thousands of movies out there some idiot wants you to just name ONE as your all time favorite.

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Where do you start???. I know, what does everyone universally love?. Godfather yeah that's up there, no no wait Star Wars, Rocky, Alien,Gone With The Wind, Avengers, Casablanca, Titanic, Avatar so on and so forth. So you decided to make a top 10 but all of a sudden you have 30 movies an need to shorten this list of yours. Your also running the risk of being a Box Office whore (And nobody likes that guy).

That Guy Loves This Guys Movies...
That Guy Loves This Guys Movies...

So you think fine will go low budget independent, films like Donnie Darko, Blair Witch Project, Clerks (well anything Kevin Smith), Fanboys or Chronicle etc etc. Now you just seem a bit pretentious though.

So you throw in some Foreign language for good measure. La Haine makes your list, Raid (1or 2), City Of God, Night Watch or Day Watch and if your feeling really brave you might even be tempted to slap Irreversible on that list of yours, but remember if you do you will have to explain yourself and just saying "Monica Belluci does not count as an explanation" (unless your talking about them Matrix movies).

So if you have gone through your list thinking about the points above I would say you have maybe 15-20 movies left that are on there because of there merits. This Is when you need to look at each movie individually and think to yourself "Would i watch that movie right now"???. By this I mean could you watch these movies anytime of day, any day of the week.

Essentially that should be your Top Ten of all time. A list of movies you could just watch over and over. Weather it be a 2 and a half hour epic or a 90 minute thrill ride. Just keep asking yourself 'Am I in the mood for this movie today??'. If not it comes off the list.

I recently did a Podcast with a good friend in which I phoned him on the thursday and said "Right Buddy, Saturday we record our Top Ten of All Time" his response was brilliant, "Kev I need at least a month to compile this list". My thinking was that with a timeline of 2-3 days there was no time to over think your choices. Whereby the list becomes a true reflection of the movies you want to watch right now.

I don't recommend you do this because it cost me a couple nights sleep and I no longer have any Pepto Bismol left in my house. However I ended up with a list I was fairly comfortable with sharing. Until we recorded and found we had 4 the same (Well our tastes are similar).

I would say your down to a comfortable 10 movies maybe 11 with room to maneuver. Now comes the hardest part... Placement. In my mind you need to sort your number 10 which will usually be one of the two movies you couldn't decided on keeping. Then lock in your number 1 (Most likey a Star Wars or Indiana Jones Flick) and the rest will just fall into place.

So I hope the next time someone asks you what your favorite movie is of all time you will be better prepared to answer them with less thought... Or you could just respond with "Shut The Front Door".

Now with that in mind I would like to leave you with a simple question...

What is your Favorite movie of All Time??????

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