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Dale Monnroe Reich Jr

OK all those fan girls and fan boys, do I have a treat for you. Now I have to say there will be spoilers for those of you who haven't yet seen

(no idea why you haven't yet...) when nova prime talks of star-lords father she refers to him as an ancient who is not known to the nova corps. Who is it we know that is ancient enough to not be known to the nova corps?? Well some speculate that it is none other than the collector played by the brilliant Benicio Del Toro. Now at first I was almost inclined to believe that crazy theory and then I started to think. Quills mother said that his father shined like an angel from heaven. And to top off the whole debauchery Yandu said he was hired by Peters father to deliver him which we all know he did not do and declined to inform Peter of this initial transactions and chalks it down to "my men ain't never tasted teran before." Not to mention that juicy teaser by Gunn himself on how it won't per say be a reveal on who his father is just his relationship with him would be the "reveal". Now with all those clues put in place, here comes the actual spoiler part. At the end credits scene we witness the collector speaking with none other than Howard the duck. And as we all could see it was due to the explosion of his collection. With that fresh in mind we travel back a few moments to when the Guardians first entered the collectors collection. Most with the keen eye spotted it before even those with the HD version of the DVD. Adam Warlocks cocoon, yes yes I know it seems far fetched but hear me out. When the collection exploded it freed not only Howard the Duck but everything else as well. So now here is where the story really comes together. Referring back to what Gunn had said about the reveal of Peter's father not really being a reveal. I believe he meant that in a subtle yet Gunn way that he had already revealed Peter's father and the only reveal would be what his relationship with his new found lineage would be. That being said how you ask did Adam end up in his cocoon? Well some time between the time that Peter was taken by Yandu and when we first see him in the movie Adam was placed in his cocoon state. Which would add another reason as to why Yandu never delivered Peter to his father seeing as he was unable to find him. Why though you still ask? Well I haven't the foggiest idea but I have my mind and my very vast knowledge of the Marvel universe. And my theory is that it was Thanos, or the collector himself put Adam in a bind and forced him into the cocoon state for as we all know the collector isn't exactly your neighborhood nice guy. Now I could be all wrong about this and it might Just end up being Thanos who is Peter's father (which would ruin the whole universe for me) but my opinion only matters as much as yours so let's here what you have to say about it


Who do you think is his father?


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