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With The Battle of The Five Armies just around the corner, I thought we should look back at some of the best and most nostalgic moments from the middle earth saga. So before you see 'the defining chapter' read this list to make you feel even more excited.

There may be possible spoilers for The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit films.

5) Well thief. Where are you?

Easily the best part of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug was finally getting to see the titular dragon in all of his Benedict Cumberbatch glory. As much as I enjoyed the whole film, seeing Smaug breathing fire and roaring at Martin Freeman's Bilbo Baggins, was the most enjoyable part. Seeing the dragon's size and power, even after being coated in liquid gold, was fantastic. It was a brilliant mix of tension, fear and great direction from Jackson. The fact Bilbo has to find the arkenstone as well as hiding from a massive dragon, just adds to the scene in a great way. We also got the strange cliffhanger of an ending that we should see resolved in the next film. 'What have we done?'

4) One ring to rule them all.

The film series being called The Lord of The Rings, it's no surprise we actually see the one ring. It's a major player in the books and in the film but one can't help than like it more in the film, getting to see it on the big screen and manipulate characters is just magical. In a way, the ring is a character in it's self, changing master and usually killing the old one. It drove Gollum to the brink of madness and beyond and has even made Borimir try to kill his own friend and destroy the fellowship just for it's powers. Of course, we all know that the ring was to be another major player after Bilbo finds it in Gollum's cave and seeing this played out in The Hobbit was amazing whilst also playing on my nostalgia. Wether it's used for escaping giant spiders or just going invisible for the fun of it, the ring is always fun to see. 'My precious'

3) Will you have peace or war?

Another great thing about seeing the films is being able to see the climatic and great battles play out on the big screen. There have been a number of clashes. Wether it be from Return of The King, as Aragon leads an army of ghosts against the orcs or the spine tingling moment when Gandalf charges over the hills on horseback. How about the dwarves vs the goblins from An Unexpected Journey, brining us the anticipated moment when Bilbo finds the ring in Gollum's cave? Or the barrel ride whilst the dwarves and the elves fought against the attacking orcs. Of course, I couldn't write this article without mentioning the up and coming Battle of Five Armies. Yep, we'll finally get to see an amazing battle between man, dwarves, elves, orcs and goblins at the Lonely Mountain. 'How shall this day end?'

2) Baggins.....Shire

With the franchise containing elves and other such creatures, the films can sometimes seem to lack darkness but there is one thing that brings the fear and darkness to the series. I'm referring to the amazing Ringwraiths or The Nazgul as they're called. They are like the demontors from Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkabam on steroids. With black hoods and broadswords, they re truly remarkable and fearsome at the same time. They commit such acts as stabbing empty beds, running down gates , torturing and riding black stallions that would make death shiver. Of course they don't speak much, instead they screech and cry but that just adds to the fear and sense of not knowing of the characters. Even though they're scared of water. They're spies, fighters and a missed addition to the series. Would love to see them return but with only one film left, I highly doubt it. 'Get off the road!'

1) Crumbs...on his jacket!

My all time favourite of the feature of the entire middle earth saga, is seeing Andy Serkis' tragic portrayal of Gollum, the once man that has his mind twisted by the one rings mad power. The fact that he can preform such serious roles whilst wearing a leotard and white dots is nothing short of a miracle but giving such an apparent, one dimensional character several layers and such depth is fascinating. The CGI used is fantastic and adds to the character even more. From playing riddles with Bilbo, comparing about Hobbits and eventually meeting his end in the fires of Mount Doom, the character of Gollum always demands such a great presence that he is impossible to take your eyes off of. He is easily the best addition of the films and the books and Serkis does an amazing job. 'Nasty little hobbiteses'


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