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The Incredibles is by far one of my favorite Pixar movies ever. It's even up there with Toy Story. I might even go as far as to say it's my favorite. So knowing that the Incredibles is in production, I'm excited.

So why are we here? Why are we talking about this?

Because of another Pixar movie in the works that is making me fearful for my long-awaited sequel.

That's right. The Good Dinosaur is making me fearful for The Incredibles 2. I understand that they're two very different topics and that they should have no influence on the other.

But there have been a lot of issues with this film recently. For starters, the plot and director for the film were both done away with recently. It's set to be released next year according to IMDb. So why change the director and the entire plot a year before it's release?

The Director left, which I get. Sometimes things just don't work out, but according to LA Times, this caused a lot of headaches for both Disney and Pixar. 50 employees were laid off, the film was pushed back until November of next year, and subsequent movies like Finding Dory were also pushed back.

This leads me to my next point.

If a movie with such potential as The Good Dinosaur is causing all these issues, what will The Incredibles 2 face?

You're right, you're right. The Incredibles is already an establish story. You have the characters. You have the conflicts available for any and all villains. You even have Samuel L. Jackson. What's better than that?

The main thing I'm scared of is that Pixar will mess this up. They've been having a minor downhill track from here with movies like Cars 2, Planes, and even Brave. Those movies just haven't done as well. Sure, they've also had some great movies released recently. Toy Story 3, Monster's University, and Up.

I would just hate to see Pixar ruin a movie that I hold very close to my heart.

Will from Will's War has a great video on why this movie needs to happen. It's a little old and dated, but it rings truth.

So here's what I think Pixar should do to make The Incredibles 2 great.

Keep the cast and characters

They had a great roster of characters that made them seem like a normal family. Despite the obvious powers issue, they seemed normal with normal issues. And the cast was great, also. As I've mentioned, they had Samuel L. Jackson who is a personal favorite of mine. And who didn't love it when Frozone lost his super suit?

We need all the characters involved as well. I get that Violet and Dash are older now. It's been ten years since the last film, probably closer to fifteen by the time the sequel is released. But you can't just exclude them from the film. Since they're older, we can see them acting a little more . . . understanding towards one another as the film opens. And then as it progresses, they could regress to their old childish arguments.

And there is no way that we leave Edna Mode out of this one. She made that movie.

Open the film the same as the first

Not necessarily with the interviews, the wedding, or hard attitude. And do
not create a villain the same way.

What I want to see is a hero who looks a lot like a young Mr. Incredible fighting crime. Saving cats from trees. Dealing with cops. Dealing with fans. Trying to rush through everything. Trying to get somewhere really important.

After he saves either the cat or deals with the cops, then an older Mr. Incredible will walk over, arms folded, eyes downcast. The youth will groan and we'll see that it's a teenage Jack-Jack in the suit.

Jack-Jack's powers displayed in Jack-Jack Attack
Jack-Jack's powers displayed in Jack-Jack Attack

Mr. Incredible could give him some speech on how he needs to be less careless. Jack-Jack will disregard him, like any youthful teenager, and go about his business. Possibly not knowing Mr. Incredible's past with Syndrome.

Then it'll flash forward, not years and years into the future, but to later that night. Where the two go to some party with the family and we reunite with all of our favorite characters. We follow Jack Jack through the party as he passes people by who are talking about some of their adventures in the past few years. Dash and Violet bickering. Frozone and Mr. Incredible swapping stories of grandeur. Edna Mode talking to anyone who will listen. And Elastigirl talking to Frozone's wife, a character we have yet to seen.

Have one central villain

Bomb Voyage at the beginning of the first film
Bomb Voyage at the beginning of the first film

We've all seen the issues with having more than one villain in a film. Namely Spiderman films (Spiderman 3 and Amazing Spiderman 2). There can be a secondary villain sort of at play, maybe even working for the big baddie. But we need one central villain.

The villain could be introduced at the end of the family party. Some explosion could happen somewhere else in the city that Jack-Jack possibly picks up on - his powers were never explored in full detail, so whose to say he doesn't have super hearing? He'll want to go after it and Mr. Incredible could scold him for wanting to leave. And then there'll be another explosion nearby that the others see this time.

The team will suit up, and the full team. All five Incredibles and Frozone. They'll arrive on the scene and be beaten by the villain. Whether this villain is Bomb Voyage, the Undertaker, or another newer villain we've yet to meet, he'll be too much for the team.

After defeating them, probably with the aid of many henchmen, the villain will leave the general public with an announcement to the fact that Supers can no longer protect them. Kind of like Bane from Dark Knight Rises.

Make the heroes flawed

The reason that Marvel and DC are doing so well right now is that they're heroes are flawed. Not only that, but their heroes can be defeated. If we have the Incredibles as this indestructible family with no qualms or issues, it won't be fun. The film won't be able to rival movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, or X-Men: Apocalypse.

Like the way I see Jack Jack being portrayed, he'll need to be a flawed teenager. But as we've seen with Dash and Violet, that doesn't stop anyone from being a good hero.

And speaking of the two other siblings, they've probably gotten used to working alone. They'll definitely have issues working as a team again. They might even be the reason that the villain defeats them in the opening scene.

Mr. Incredible, Frozone, and Elastigirl are just getting old. They aren't at their peak anymore. It's harder for them to keep up. Of course they'll prove the audience wrong left and right. But their age will definitely play a factor in the movie.

End on a high note that is still open ended

Just like how the last film was ended, The Incredibles 2 should end with the team coming together to defeat the villain. Instead of him dying, however, like in the first film with Syndrome, the villain should be put in jail.

Instead of ending with a new villain for the team to battle, the film could end with a view on the villain in custody. He'd have a friend on the outside who comes to visit him. This friend can either be another henchmen, a partner, or a boss. They'll have a conversation - of course within the shadows - where they talk about the first piece of the plan being put in place. They could mention Jack Jack's potential and their use for him.


This film needs to happen. Not necessarily in this way, but something similar to it maybe. It cannot be held the way that The Good Dinosaur is being handled. The film needs to be handled the same way that the Toy Story sequels were handled. With careful consideration and a delicate hand.

What do you think?


Could this work?


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