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In season 3 Moriarty's broadcasting shook up London "DID U MISS ME" but when its comes to mystery there's no doubt sherlock can't solve it. I bet another awesome mystery is coming.

According iDigitaltimes BBC yet only has announced a year date — 2016 — and a one-episode special that will precede the fourth season hopefully in 2015.

As per John said "There's an east wind coming"
As per John said "There's an east wind coming"

"The danger is you have a successful character like Irene Adler and she makes a massive impact because that story is so perfect, but if she then moves in around the corner, it becomes a bit cozy," said Mark Gatiss to Digital Spy last year.

2016 long way to go
2016 long way to go

While it is unclear if Irene Adler will return (although we have full faith that the writing team can make it happen), here are 20 things to expect from the upcoming episodes:

1. It will be unexpected. "Of course, it's far too early to say what's coming, but we're reasonably confident that the very next thing to happen to Sherlock and John, is the very last thing you'd expect ... " teased Moffat to the BBC.

2. The show will be darker. "We’re going to try to take it somewhere we’ve never been before — and I don’t mean outer space," teased Moffat when speaking to Entertainment Weekly. "It will be challenging place to go. We always start with a re-introduction that builds toward a darker climax — we might just be going darker [from the outset]. We got a very, very good set of ideas."

3. The plans for season 4 will be better than season 3. Moffat told Entertainment Weekly that season 4 will be even better than season 3.

"We have a plan to top [Season 3]," said Moffat. "And I do think our plan is devastating. We’ve practically reduced our cast to tears telling them the plan … we’re probably more excited that we’ve ever been about Sherlock."

4. The new season will be 'devastating.' In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Moffat was if the new season can top season 3 and his reply was exciting and ominous.

“We have a plan to top it. And I do think our plan is devastating. We’ve practically reduced our cast to tears telling them the plan … we’re probably more excited that we’ve ever been about Sherlock.”

Now, we know "devastating" is a subjective word and the verbiage is open to interpretation, but one has to wonder if Moffat is hinting at a death. A death of a major character will surely shake things up but the following question is which character will and can die? Through the process of elimination, we're inclined to believe it will be Sherlock's family member or Mrs. Hudson.

5. Will Mary Morstan die? According to FashionNStyle, the new season may have Morstan, the wife and mother of Dr. Watson's child, dying. If this is to be the case, then fans will see Watson grieving. But we don't think the creators of the show will kill off Mary, as she's a dynamic female character and a wonderful addition to the team.

6. The date speculation is due to the cast schedules. Both Martin Freeman and Cumberbatch have a very busy schedule apart from the BBC adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes stories. As such, scheduling difficulties is just one of the many playing parts, and perhaps the most important one, that is prolonging the new season.

"It's very hard to get together," said Freeman to Digital Spy. "But it's one of those things where you have to at some point just go, 'We're going to do it now' - otherwise we could be having this conversation in three years."

7. Moriarty cannot be alive. Before season three, Moffat made it clear that Moriarty is dead. "He can't come back from that," Moffat said.

"He shot himself in the face. What more do you want?" That said, Moffat may have been trying to mislead fans for the element of surprise.

I am not ordinary...
I am not ordinary...

8. More Moriarty news: One person who does know what happened to Moriarty is Cumberbatch, who revealed little to nothing about how Moriarty managed to be alive.


What do you guys think its Moriarty or somebody else?


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