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When Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara announced their DC cinematic lineup through 2020 the movie title that stood out most was Suicide Squad; and the same can be said about Enchantress (played by Cara Delevingne) being confirmed to be in the line up of villains to star in Suicide Squad. So who is this surprise villain in Suicide Squad? After doing some digging I found out how powerful and complex Enchantress is and what I found makes me believe that she could be a possible Antagonist in the Suicide Squad.

Enchantress AKA June Moone
Enchantress AKA June Moone

Enchantress's alias is June Moone and she is a freelance writer. June obtained her powers while at a costume party at a old castle. June came across a secret room in the castle and met a magical being named Dzamor who gave June the power of Enchantress to help him fight an evil presence in the castle. When ever June says "Enchantress" she changes from her normal blonde hair appearance to the powerful black-haired and fully costumed sorceress Enchantress. She possess the ability to manipulate magical energy for any number of effects to include: energy construct creation, energy projection, flight, healing, illusion casting, teleportation and the ability to walk through solid objects. Enchantress even has the ability to remotely access the magical powers of others as she did with Captain Marvel (Shazaam) when she helped him defeat Spectre and Strega of the Pentacle. Enchantress also erased the memory of Supergirl after she found out that June Moone was her secret identity. Although June is a good person the villainous Enchantress spirit that Dzamor empowered her with is evil and is quite difficult for June to control. The more June uses the power the more Enchantress takes control. June wants help to control her evil side and the Suicide Squad may be the answer.

Task Force X
Task Force X

Amanda Waller recruits Enchantress to be apart of the Suicide Squad. June accepts and becomes a member. In return Waller promises to help June figure out how to control her evil side. Despite being diagnosed with schizophrenia and June admitting that it took all of her energy to control Enchantress, Waller still sends her out on a mission and instructs Deadshot to take her out if Enchantress loses control (Antagonist Theory Alert!). Enchantress does go on a villainous murderous rampage that blows the Suicide Squads cover and ruins the mission. The Suicide Squad is forced to take her down. After further evaluation it is determined that Enchantress was a magical ticking time bomb. She was not trained to handle the magical powers she received and therefore not prepared to handle and fight off the evil of dark magic. June later finds out that Enchantress is actually a separate entity from another dimension and not the manifestation of magic. The demon Incubus rips Enchantress from June and she then disappears and neither her or Enchantress are seen again for 11 years.

June Moone separated from Enchantress
June Moone separated from Enchantress

As you can see Enchantress in the comic is quite powerful and unstable. June desires help to control her evil side and those that can help are using her for the exact thing she wants help controlling which may lead to her becoming the Antagonist in the movie. Obviously there is a lot of depth to Enchantress that would be interesting to see on screen despite her not being an A-list character. After doing some research on Cara Delevingne, I think Warner Bros hit a home run on this casting. I only knew her as a model but she has the "it" factor that cannot be explained and is quite obvious when you see her in interview. It is really easy to see why she was being considered for the Harley Quinn role as well. Cara is definitely more than a pretty face.

Share your thoughts below about Enchantress's role in Suicide Squad and the casting of Cara Delevingne. Is Enchantress the Squad member that gets killed while on mission? Is she the Antagonist? Was Cara a great casting?

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