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It's all about Skye

Is he a Doctor?  Or, is he... something... else...
Is he a Doctor? Or, is he... something... else...

“The Doctor” (Skye’s dad)

I’m seeing a trio of possibilities in the blogosphere who could be Skye’s dad:

Mad Maximus (my own theory): Black Bolt’s brother is certifiably insane – and, he keeps attempting to seize the throne of Attilan in order to send the Inhumans out to wipe out humanity. Kyle MacLachlan plays this edge-of-insanity brilliance with a natural style and flair and was perfectly, amazingly cast for the role. You sit on your sofa every week waiting to see if he will teeter over the edge or if he will maintain his fleeting hold on sanity long enough to implement his “plan”.

If it is Maximus the Mad, somewhere in the insane brilliance of his mind, he could have a theory/plan for restoring his wife. And, his wife, likely would also be an Inhuman (explaining her long life) – she may even have some sort of regenerative ability and could fantastically reappear in the crux of events. Now, wouldn’t that be a shocker.

Dr. Calvin Zabo / Mr. Hyde (may be a more plausible theory - maybe not - you decide): Calvin Zabo was obsessed with the book, Strange Case of Dr. Jekylle and Mr. Hyde. He worked feverishly on the formula until he finally was successful and turned himself into Mr. Hyde – a Hulk-like creature of tremendous strength – and, a Hulk-sized chip on his shoulder. He isn’t insane, per se, but he carries grudges against anyone who would not help him in his endeavors to complete his quest (Thor / Donald Blake in particular) – or who injures someone for whom he is protective (his family). This would explain how he is able to work as a surgeon and would explain how he could wipe out an entire village (or swat 4 or 5 thugs in an whimsical encounter in S02 E03).

But, it doesn’t eliminate dear old Max, because he is also a skilled fighter and his genius would enable him to work in any field he desired. And, Zabo is not an Inhuman so would end up being a sidebar or an alternate or hidden plotline since [The Inhumans](movie:910490) and S.H.I.E.L.D. seem to be on intersecting paths.

Call me Daisy Johnson
Call me Daisy Johnson

If he is Zabo/Hyde, his daughter, in the comics, was Quake. And, she was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. He could expose Skye to the Terrigen Mists and that could be her “talent”; however, “talents” tend to follow the individual Inhuman’s own internal make-up. Skye would be more likely to have some sort of technological gift or a gift for empathy and intervention. Quake, to me, would be a more physical individual.

Where was I... Oh... yes.
Where was I... Oh... yes.

Jolen: Jolen is an Inhuman who has gone through the Terrigen Mists. He was then selected to journey to earth (in the comics, from their base on the moon) where he attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison where his lack of experience with humans caused him to frequently overreact to their actions.

Jolen has an above-average lifespan (about 150 years), beyond-elite physical strength, speed, reflexes and endurance. And, he has, by his gift from the Terrigen Mists, plant-related abilities including the ability to control plants with his mind, grow them by linking with them and he can transform himself into a plant. He can also travel via plant root systems by shrinking himself and utilizing his plant-empathy abilities.

He is a minor character (which would fit in the Marvel television side) and he fits the profile for strength and constant agitation, but I would think he would be younger and I would think the character would be far more inclined to have as many of his “friends” from the plant realm as he could muster. I would also wonder at his ability to pose as a medical doctor unless he had chosen that field over botany in college.

I don’t think it would be Jolen, but I could be wrong.

Skye in Action

Skye:  Hacker?
Skye: Hacker?

Skye chose her own name – that should be an indicator as to where she leans… she wants to be free – she wants to be able to soar above the fray – not be a part of it; although, since she’s been in S.H.I.E.L.D., that aspect of her nature has been undermined significantly. Still, I would certainly think the power of flight would be in her future. DC, after all, did manage to get George Reeves airborn from 1952 through 1958 without a that solid hit to the pocket book that would have caused his Adventures of Superman series to get cancelled.

Maybe she’ll have the ability to become a phantom or wraith and, as such, would be lighter than air and not subject to solid walls that would imprison her. Or, maybe she would be able to convert herself into radio or electrical waves and travel that way. She could be anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye!

The Village of Skye's Birth

Obliterated?  Or, just killed everyone...
Obliterated? Or, just killed everyone...

As far as the village that was wiped out upon Skye’s birth, theories abound there, too. The more onscreen promoted theory is that Skye’s dad is a “monster” and he did the deed. Any of the three possibilities mentioned for the "Doctor" would have had the ability to commit the atrocity, but each would have attacked in a much different way.

Mr. Hyde would have simply pummeled the village (and all it's facilities) into a flattened mess. Maximus would have attacked the individuals and slaughtered them leaving most of the buildings - if not all - intact. And, Jolen would have left a lot of plant growth behind that would have required explanation - and spawned a lot of conversation.

But, my guess is Hydra wiped out the village going back looking for an heir to the woman who had been able to touch the obelisk during World War II (or just thereafter). Then, what they found was the woman herself (Skye's mom).

The many deaths later on while S.H.I.E.L.D. was attempting to hide the child all these years would be easily explainable by assigning the blame to Hydra agents. I would think they would have been going crazy trying every technological advance they could obtain to help them find the daughter of this woman.

The Plan

Where are you going, Doctor?
Where are you going, Doctor?

Skye's dad appears to have a well-considered plan of action:

  • (1) to get himself, his Hydra buddies (including Grant Ward and the guy he really wants, Daniel Whitehall / Werner Reinhardt) and S.H.I.E.L.D. in the same place – the lost city under that fortress in Puerto Rico

    (is it Attilan? If it is, are the Inhumans staying hidden?
    Will we see any of them? [hint: it’s not likely we’ll see any of the principals who will star in the movie, but we could see some incidental denizens – if they’re there]);

  • (2) seize the obelisk/Diviner;

  • (3) kill Whitehall and destroy as many Hydra agents as possible – any S.H.I.E.L.D. casualties would likely just be collateral damage;

  • (4) seize Skye (we will probably learn her true name this week or early in the second half of the season);

  • (5) and, finally, one of:
  • (a) seize whatever he needs from the city and return to Southeast Asia to restore his wife
  • (b) seize the “temple” and detonate the Diviner (online theories are speculating the Diviner has a Terrigen Crystal inside and he can trigger it so that a Terrigen Mist spreads over the entire planet – effectively killing everyone who does not have Inhuman blood or
  • (c) destroy himself and Skye and reunite them with Mom in the afterlife.

    Don’t bet on any success with b or c – Skye’s not going anywhere unless it’s off to the MCU movie world – and, even then, I would bet that she would be back to [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469).

And, what about Agent(s) Koenig?

That's my brother - he's the shorter one...
That's my brother - he's the shorter one...

All of the intrigue seems to hover very closely to S.H.I.E.L.D.’s own 0-8-4. But, there’s more here than just Skye. Lots more.

Billy, Eric and Sam Koenig (of 13 identical brothers – the others are all shorter than the one to whom you are addressing) are an interesting twist / sublinear addition to the show. They add levity – and, they are everywhere – literally. Are they natural brothers? Or, are they clones (they don’t seem to be suffering that much from the loss of their “brother”; although, they may just be the type not to show it. Still…

Or, they could be LMDs (Life Model Decoys) constructed by S.H.I.E.L.D. to perform functions that would protect the other agents. Frankly, the show hasn’t shown where S.H.I.E.L.D. might have encountered the technology to field a synthetic man of this sort, but they never really, sufficiently, explained it in the comics, either.

Do LMDs bleed? Eric (not Sam as I'd originally misnoted) was bleeding when Grant stuffed his body up in the rafters before Skye figured out that her boyfriend wasn't what he seemed.

Man?  Or, monster...
Man? Or, monster...


Where is Deathlok? We haven’t seen him since the very first part of the first episode of season two. Now, there’s a character who could add dramatically to the show - and he isn't even being used. Granted, his costume and make-up would be a resource hog for the show, but we do like Mike Peterson and ditching him from the show doesn’t seem likely. Maybe he is just taking the time to weigh and accommodate what has happened to him before he comes back out of hiding. And, so far, the plot really hasn’t needed him.

He’ll be back.

The Kree in the Guest House

Mar-Vell was not your typical Kree Champion
Mar-Vell was not your typical Kree Champion

Finally, the big blue test tube marvel that was at the Guest House. Some theories are speculating that it is what was left of the ancient Kree champion, Captain Mar-Vell. It is certainly a Kree. But, Mar-Vell?

OK, let’s go there!

Mar-Vell wasn't blue in the comics. Granted, he was sent by the Kree to spy on earth to see if we were a threat - and, to do so, took the identity of a recently deceased scientist named Walter Lawson. Minor problem: Lawson had a sketchy (criminal) history. Also, in the initial iteration of Mar-Vell, he was not "super powered" as he was at the passing of his powers to Carol Danvers - that came later - after he was charged with treason against the Kree Empire and sentenced to death by firing squad. But, all that history was later ret-conned. Wikipedia has a nice background for you, if you're interested.

The theory I have seen more than once on several sites is that the alien is indeed Mar-Vell and he is in stasis – his body so badly damaged that he cannot survive – and he / S.H.I.E.L.D. is / was waiting / searching for a suitable “host” into which his sentience could be transferred. One of the theories goes on to say that Coulson’s cries from the table in T.A.H.I.T.I. weren’t Coulson at all, but Mar-Vell as the attempt was being made to implant him into Coulson's dead receptical of a body - and he was wanting desperately to be released from this interminable incarceration in that battered shell that was his body. The theory is that the implantation of Mar-Vell's persona was the purpose of the bizarre brain-manipulation machine that was working on Coulson.

T.A.H.I.T.I. was a Magical ... place?
T.A.H.I.T.I. was a Magical ... place?

Coulson was dead. He even says he felt nothing – there was no pain, no fear, no agitation that would cause him to cry out like that. He was in a “good place” – quite comfortably… dead.

Mar-Vell, on the other hand? Not so much. Anguish would be an appropriate descriptor. Agony would also apply. Also, I’m not sure I’d want to be implanted into someone else’s body – someone’s brain – like that.

The theory goes on to state that Mar-Vell was looking for the lost Inhumans when he encountered his cataclysmic demise. That’s why his DNA in the humans had them searching frantically for answers to the images swirling in their minds. It was the last thing on his mind. And, they all went crazy because they were still “in residence” in their minds while Coulson, being dead, was not.

This theory has basis – and some merit. But, it also has some holes.

With Mar-Vell’s amazing abilities to heal (inject someone with his "blood" / anti-bodies / DNA / whatever that GH-325 was and they were hunky dorey in just a couple of days), why wouldn’t they have just left him alone and let him heal? If he was beyond his own abilities to repair himself on his own, you would think that all this time in stasis, he would … have … continued ... to regenerate? No? Does that “juice” he’s resting in inhibit his healing abilities? That could be a workable answer to that question, but it would not be very palatable. If he’s still in there, I would think he would still be regenerating.

Captains Marvel - wait... who's that other guy???
Captains Marvel - wait... who's that other guy???

And, why would Marvel announce a coming Captain Marvel movie based on Carol Danvers if the original Captain Mar-Vell was still extant? One would seem to preclude the other. Unless, Carol is seriously injured in, say, Captain America: Civil War or Doctor Strange: Whatever He's Into – or even in a cameo or two on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Coulson and his team, now knowing what was the root cause of the insanity that the GH-325 serum brought on and that it has been mitigated, finds a source for the serum and injects her with it. And, with it comes the physical combat and tactical knowledge along with the Mar-Vellian strength, flight, abilities to absorb / discharge energy, et al, that has been attributed to him in the comic books.

But, why didn’t those things come to Coulson? Or, Hank Thompson (the former agent who was only one who survived the renegade former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sebastian Derik’s campaign to slice and dice all the other T.A.H.I.T.I.ans until they brought forth the answers to that map thing that was driving them all insane?)? Thompson was the only one who had realized the map symbols were 3-dimensional and constructed the city out of welded materials for his son. If any of these fantastically incredible “abilities” are transferable from the carcass of the Kree-in-a-jar, I would think these two men would have gotten them. Probably Skye, too - even if she is an Inhuman.

Major Danvers - Captain Marvel?
Major Danvers - Captain Marvel?

Now, consider that, possibly, Carol does die: The same issues that prevented Coulson from taking on the Mar-Vell persona would also inhibit Danvers from doing the same, wouldn’t it?

The final stumbling block, for me, would be that if Carol Danvers does take on the persona / sentience of Mar-Vell, it would be a serious breach of etiquette – if I’m going to be a hero, I do not want to gain the status by giving up my own position in the cosmos – or, even sharing it. It would make it very difficult for the typical moviegoer to relate to the character – I would think the tendency would be to reject that “connection” outright as … not palatable. Yuck.

Yeah, I wanna aspire to heroism, but I don't wanna give up being me to do it.

By the way... if Major Carol Danvers becomes Captain Marvel, would that be a demotion? Or, is a Kree captain akin to one in the Navy - the equivalent of an Air Force "full bird" colonel and, therefore, a two grade promotion? Mar-Vell would have been a part of the Kree Galactic Fleet, after all!

Season 2 has been... Magical
Season 2 has been... Magical

Whatever happens in the mid-season finale this week... this has been one first class ride. Some of the riddles have been answered - especially that frustrating one that had our heroes in a weakened state - some great new characters have been introduced - I'd love to see them bring back Lucy Lawless' Izzy Hartley character! I thought she had much better chemistry with Lance than Bobbi does - some new concepts that will influence all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been broached (Inhumans, Mockingbird, GH-325 and more!) - new villains have been introduced to old ones and we're a lot further along on finding out just what it is with our Skye!


What do you think? How do you consider this season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?


Who is "The Doctor" (Skye's dad)?


Who do you think wiped out that village in SE Asia?


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