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In 1978, a Brazilian series of comedy films, known as Os Trapalhões (The Dabblers), have made a science fiction Z-movie that was a complete knock-off of Star Wars. The film was known as Os Trapalhões na Guerra dos Planetas, whose name translates from Portuguese to English as The Dabblers in the War of the Planets. Looks like Renato Aragão Produções Cinematográficas, the studio that made this, had to strike before production of The Empire Strikes Back would commence!

I'm not sure how the heck to describe the plot for the darn thing, but Silvio Ferreira Cosi said on IMDb of the plot (WARNING: The English is a little broken):

"Coming of the space, the prince Flick (Pedro Aguinaga) asks the Trapalhões (The Dabblers) for help to free the planet where lives of the domain of evil Zuco. He offers a reward, it accepts for the four friends, that embark in a spaceship by a called hairy monster Bonzo. In the planet, they use tricks and they win Zuco, but they don't get to save Princess Myrna's life, that had been kidnapped by the thief. She should be substituted in the throne by Loya, exactly the girlfriend of Didi, that knew during the adventure in the strange planet. Already in the Earth, os Trapalhões (The Dabblers) think that everything didn't pass of a dream, but they are convinced otherwise when they come across a jeep full of bars of gold."

Zuco's character design, as you can see on the poster, was plagiarized from that of Darth Vader. Also, keep in mind that the lush orchestral music from the original Star Wars is substituted for a rather sappy disco tune. This might be a good film, and it must have narrowly avoided a lawsuit by George Lucas. I'm not an overall fan of films from Brazil, but this might make a rather good episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.


What are your thoughts on the Brazilian Star Wars?


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