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In my opinion Benedict Cumberbatch is the perfect choice for Doctor Strange. But now the question is, who should join him? The good doctor has a awesome ensemble cast of characters and here is who I think should join Mr. Cumberbatch in the picture.

Clea: Daughter of Prince Orini, heiress to the Dark Dimension and lover of Doctor Strange. I think that they could introduce Clea and Prince Orini in the movie on Earth then at the end be sent to the dark dimension by Baron Mordo.

My top pick for her is Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I like this actress and think she deserves a shot at a Marvel property.

The Ancient One: Doctor Strange's mentor in the mystic arts. My pick for him is Randall Duk Kim, an actor best remembered for Kung Fu Panda. He is really good at sounding wise and commanding.

Wong: Brought to the Ancient One at the age of four, there he became a kung fu master and a aide to Steven Strange. My pick for him is BD Wong from Law and Order SVU.

Prince Orini: Clea's dad, and future foe. My pick for him is Scott Wilson but I do not know if audiences can forget his time as Hershel. He is a great actor though.

Baron Mordo: A student under the Ancient One with Doctor Strange, Mordo gets corrupted and becomes Doctor Strange's greatest foe. My pick for him is Edgar Ramirez, a great actor who has worked with Scott Derikson before.

I also think that Elizabeth Olsen should pop up as Scarlet Witch since she and Doctor Strange are both magic based.

So what do you think do you like this cast? What would you change? Please leave all thoughts below in the comments.


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