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Welcome Siths, welcome Jedi to the 33rd and first ever CRAVE article not about DC or Marvel: What we CRAVE for the Star Wars Sequels! I'm extremely excited to bring you an article that is about a widely talked about and extremely controversial topic, in that many people will either agree or disagree with my CRAVES!

What's different about this CRAVE from the rest is that I'm not just focusing on characters and villains, but on elements of the story, items, etc. Star Wars has a huge universe, as many of you know, and there are lots of stories, characters and what not, so there are a ton of elements I could put in this post. So, the odds of me either forgetting or leaving out something is likely, so if you didn't see what you wanted to see, put that in the comments! Also, don't forget this is my personal opinion and this article is just for fun, nothing extremely serious, just for fun.

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So, are you ready young Jedi? Are you ready to fight the evil Empire? Or are you ready to join the Dark Side and destroy the Republic? Or are you just ready to start this post? It's your choice!

More Lightsabers

With blue, red, green, purple, double bladed, single bladed, and so on already in the Star Wars movies (not to mention tons more colors and types in the books and shows), I feel it would be incredible to add some from the books and shows to the upcoming sequels. Lightsabers will most likely play a big part in the plot of Episode VI (according to the plot leaks) and if it does play a huge role, then I want a wider variety of lightsabers.

I CRAVE orange, yellow, teal, bronze, silver and my favorite choices of all: White and Black lightsabers. On Star Wars: The Clone Wars, they had the black saber which was pretty awesome, and I would love to see a Sith use it to show that he is pure evil! And have a Jedi use a white lightsaber to show that he is pure good and full of life (even though it isn't the color's meaning). White vs. Black for the final battle would be absolutely amazing in my opinion and would make me jump in my seat!

Not only would a black and white saber make me jump in my seat, but also seeing a lightsaber like this:

The Lightwhip. Oh yes please. Again, it appeared on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but seeing that bad boy in the sequels would be ten times better. Especially, if they introduce it right! Remember seeing Darth Maul? All of a sudden this Sith came out of nowhere with this double bladed lightsaber and you were like, "Oh sh*t" (at least I was). Now if they do something similar with the Lightwhip, that would be incredible. I just hope they play around with lightsabers in the sequels!

Another Twist

If you look at any Top Movie Plot Twist of All Time, The Empire Strikes Back's "I am your father" is almost always in the top three. It has gone down in movie history. Having another moment like that in the sequels, in my mind, would be the right move!

And when I say "twist" I don't mean like a Darth Vader return, I'm talking about an original and not "stupid" twist. Something personal and deep, like the "father" twist, and not a resurrection of a dead character twist (except for maybe Boba Fett).

If they end up doing a twist, I trust that Abrams or Johnson could do a great job making that twist an incredible one. Let's just cross our fingers!

Another Awesome Sith Villain!

The Sith line up
The Sith line up

The Emperor. General Grievous. Count Dooku. Boba Fett. Jango Fett. Darth Maul. DARTH VADER. And the list goes on and on.

Star Wars is known for having some pretty awesome villains and I want the sequels to be no different from that. For the Star Wars movies, I always feel that the villain makes the movie a lot better (Phantom Menace: Darth Maul, Revenge of the Sith: General Grievous, Original Trilogy: Darth Vader, The Emperor and Boba Fett).

I just CRAVE a villain that will leave an imprint like Vader did. I know they can do it's freaking Star Wars, but also Disney has made a lot of memorable villains. So please Disney, coming from a huge Star Wars fan, make that Sith with the "cross" lightsaber or some other Sith, be an extremely amazing villain that I will tell my kids and my kid's kids about when I'm older!

Do you agree with me? Do you disagree with me? Do you have a strong opinion about this topic? Well tell me in the comments below, take them polls and follow me for more amazing stuff! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!


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What do you CRAVE for the Star Wars sequels?

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