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The recent announcement of the next instalment of the James Bond franchise,

, has lead to much fan anticipation. After all, SPECTRE is an essential part of the James Bond Mythos and has been sadly missing since Diamonds are Forever (not counting the horrible opening scene death of Blofeld in “For your Eyes Only”). But with the re-introduction of such an important part of the James Bond mythos the question becomes- what will they do with it? And can they live up to the legacy that SPECTRE has in the eyes of the audience?

Quickly, What is SPECTRE?

SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) was first introduced in the original Bond film Dr No, therefore it has an huge part in what audiences think of when they think of James Bond. It is a Terrorist organisation not aligned with any political agenda, rather they do it for financial gain.

Scary right???
Scary right???

What will they do with Spectre?

This is the question that all James Bond fans have been asking since the announcement of the film’s title. It is unknown whether the organisation will have been previously known by Bond or M, however the synopsis states Bond will be trying to unravel a cryptic message from his past. Thus it is possible that SPECTRE may have already played a role in the life of Bond. This could lead to any number of possibilities from a member of SPECTRE having known Bond as a child, or even the revelation that SPECTRE was involved in the death of Bond’s parents (wouldn't that spark a fan reaction?) It is very possible that SPECTRE may have a link to bind through the Quantum organisation. (yeah remember them?)

SPECTRE simply must take a different shape than that seen in the original Connery Bond films. The tone and somewhat campy nature of the organisation (and of Blofeld) wouldn't work in the Craig era. They will definitely have to be changed to fit the darker and more realistic tone of the new movies.

Can they live up to the legacy?

To the point of this article.. the decision to use SPECTRE is a make or break decision. If they are not portrayed well (or maybe for most people rather the movie is not good) then this will not bode well for the Bond Franchise. This is an opportunity for the re-establishment of strong, memorable villains for the franchise that can link many movies to come. But if the they stuff it up then it'll be a repeat of the Quantum organisation - no one will care long enough for the story to come to an end.


Do you think that "Spectre" will reach our expectations?


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