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Okey so we known all this stuff from the Originals that come and make everything like a storm, kicking and destroying every peaceful life that everyone have a this part [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) tv show (I'm speaking about 1st season and the few 2 or 3 chapters of season 2) when they all have a pretty peaceful life ( well at least they have the higher level of peace that they can have considerating all the supernatural world and its consequences itself)

I mean Elena was pretty OK with stefan, damon comes to be a little less damon-evil damon- bonnie comes to be an amazing witch and Alaric comes to be OK with jenna again , he becomes an amazing friend and Ally to Elena and all her near circle of friends, and pretty good vampire hunter, with all of his gadgets to kill vampires, that he made himself—see what a revengeful and mad men could do just to take revenge— and excellent trip-hunting-killing-vampires-saving-elena boddy to Stefan and Damon.

I will confess when i saw the 2nd season of vampire diaries i was like i need to pull every hair of my head or eat my own hand because if didn't do that i will be like "The Most Streesed and weird person" in all the world, because that season and the 3rd season have so much action, suspence,—Supernatural—Triller, drama, betraying, love, unlove, evil plans, i think it was like It's too much for a poor human hearth, you known, It was too much the most stressfull tv show season that i had ever seen!

What Do you think?, leave me your opinion in the comments. Hmm, Hope you like this post that by the way its actually my first post here in MoviePilot,

Hope all of you enjoy my post and thanks for reading. =D


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