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Fantastic Four is Marvel's first family and have been a very important part of comic book history, but this family has struggled to make a decent film. From the 1994 independent film to the 2005 film and it's sequel, none have impressed comic book fans or even movie goers.

Will this 2015 film prove to be any different, or will it breath new life into these classic characters. Only a small amount of the movie has been released to the public and yet, people have already started judging this movie and the response hasn't been great. I, on the other hand, am looking forward to this film and here's why.

Oh gosh those costumes
Oh gosh those costumes

The Cast

One of the major concerns fans have about [The Fantastic Four](movie:34667) is the cast. Mainly Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm/Human Torch. Most people find this casting fine, the gripe they have with it, however, comes with his ethnicity. Fans can handle a race swap, but his sister, Sue, is being played by Kate Mara, therefore, they cannot be blood related. I am mostly fine with this because they are both very talented actors who suit their roles perfectly. Some necessary changes will have to be made for this relationship to make sense, but I am not quick to judge. Whatever they do will hopefully make sense and will help move the plot forward.

Another concern in the casting is Jamie Bell as The Thing. When you see him you don't automatically think 'The Thing', but he might prove to be very intimidating. I found this casting very hard to accept, but I ended up being happy with it. He is a very talented and I have no doubt that he will bring something new and fresh to the role. The rest of the cast doesn't bring on many complaints, so I hope they do their job well.

The Direction

Everyone who knows the Fantastic Four should be able to admit that they are a little out-dated. What I mean by this is that they are very old fashioned characters with a very old fashioned concept, so it only makes sense to give this classic family a new, modern direction. Although it is never wise to mess with a back-story, this movie must do so to differentiate it from the previous movies and to appeal to a wider audience. Making the characters younger and introducing a villain that started out as a blogger would bring in the young adult crowd, the recognizable characters would bring in an older audience and just being a superhero movie would attract a younger audience.

Finally, there's the costumes. They have been described as 'containment suits' and although that may sound very worrying, it could also sound promising. Doing something different to the costumes could prove to be beneficial as the original costumes wouldn't work on the big screen. They are basically unfilmable. So when a new piece of information comes out about this movie, stop to think about how it could play out before making a judgement.

The Studio

As you should know, this movie is being made by FOX studios. They are the same company to make the X-Men movies, so that should earn a little bit of credit. Since they do make the X-Men movies, a possibility of a crossover is large. It would be so cool if we get to see the Wolverine and The Thing fight alongside each other on the big screen, but that's an article for another day.

Another plus side to the studio is the talent behind the camera. Josh Trank is a very capable director and I have no doubt that he can pull of a movie like this. He is not only directing the movie, but also co-writing it with Simon Kinberg who worked as a writer for [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942). As you can see, this movie is in very capable hands.


I am not trying to tell you what to think, just opening you up to a different opinion. I am one of very few who is excited for this movie, and I hope it does well. I have failed to see a flaw in the news about the movie, but maybe I'm optimistic. I hope you guys at least give it a chance and see it in the cinemas before making a judgement about the movie.


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