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When we hear someone say Outlander first thing we think of is Jamie Fraser. Hunky Scottish actor, Sam Heughan has brought our Jamie Fraser to life on the hit Starz series. If you don’t think this or know who Sam is, run don’t walk to order Starz from your local provider and play catch up before the season resumes in April. (yes it’s that good)

We all know Sam from Outlander but did you know….

Sam Heughan Fell Into Acting by complete Accident

He discovered his passion for acting while traveling on a shoestring budget and, when he returned to Scotland, enrolled in the Academy and “something just clicked” he says. Upon returning to Scotland he enrolled at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. He was nominated in 2003 for the Laurence Olivier Theatre Award for most promising newcomer.

He’s A Geek!

Heughan, admits he was anxious to work with Ron Moore because of his love his work on his fave show’s Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek.

“I grew up with [Star Trek: The] Next Generation,” Heughan tells “The first time I had dinner with Ron we were talking about world order and how we should all work together … and I realized I got that point of view from watching Next Gen.”

Sam Sometimes Feels Like a Beatle

While promoting Outlander he’s been greeted by hysterical devotees (Heughligans) of the time-traveling best selling romance novels.

When interviewed by the NYtimes, Sam had this to say “When we were at Comic-Con, we had the two most enormous bouncers in San Diego. It was quite funny, because we went places where there were a lot of screaming fans, and that was wonderful. But we also went places where no one knew who we were, and we had these big bouncers.”

For more facts about Sam check out the rest of our article here .


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