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Stefanie Webb

There's nothing like a classic but have you ever wondered what our favorite Disney movies would look like if they were filmed today?

Tyson Murphy, a video game character artist, decided to put a little spin on some of the classic Disney movies from our childhood. Some of them are pretty cool but there is a couple that I don't think I would be able to get use to. I think if Disney decided to do a reboot of all the classic disney movies though I met check a couple of these movies out.


Black Cauldron!92/!92/

Robin Hood!92/!92/

101 Dalmatians!92/!92/

Sword In the Stone!92/!92/

These are pretty cool, and its not a crazy amount of change to some of our favorite classics. To see more artwork check out Tyson Murphy's website here:


Would you like a reboot on the Disney classics?


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