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Ah old people, we've got the cranky ones, the humble and the ones that want to die quickly and go to heaven. But at least do these things before you die.

1. Watch the Hobbit/Lord of the Ring Trilogy.

Who doesn't love the hobbit. Some comedy, funny accents and excellent plot and annoying hangers at the end that make you want until every December.

This is a must do for the Elderly.

2. Watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Come on. This movie will make elders laugh and go a bit nuts when they see how realistic the turtles are. My mum was like how do they make this animation so real.

3. Spend time with grandchildren.

All elders got to do that. I mean, what kind of elder would not spend time with your grand kids.


It's suitable for elders it makes them believe that life is short and you've got to make it the most of it. Just look at this trailer

5. Just live life to the fullest.

There is nothing much i can say about this. But I love old people and I pray that they survive in our corrupted generation.


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