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2015 promises to be the dawn of a new age of artificial intelligence, where screenwriter Alex Garland is set to make his directorial debut with Sci-Fi psychedelic thriller, 'Ex_Machina'. With comparisons already been made to 'Artificial Intelligence: AI' (2001) and 'I, Robot' (2004), Garland's groundbreaking cinematic experiment is thought to retain extra perks for 'recreational' narcotic enthusiasts, producing visionary material for critics who are on directorial fresh meat alert and to satisfy movie buff's munchies.

'Ex Machina' - taken from the Latin "deus ex machina" meaning "God from the machine."

Circling around the creation and development of an AI archetype designed by a multi-billion technology program, 'Star Wars Episode VII' cast buddies Domhnall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac star as two protagonists, a young computer coder and the CEO of the company who both get caught in an intricate web of human understanding during the production of a robot named Ava (Alicia Vikander).

"Touch it!"
"Touch it!"

So where does the psychedelic trip come in? Well, Like all cyborg films, the writers never let us forget that they are bionic "people" after all... These boundaries between man-made machines and human consciousness is once again explored by Garland leading us into an insecurity about a robots awareness and the own understanding of our human minds. Domhnall Gleeson quoted during an Empire magazine interview that:

"The examination of the machine's consciousness leads to the examination of their own. Hence it gets trippy and psychedelic."

Perhaps a similarity to Darren Aronofsky's 'Black Swan' mind boggle might just be the extra layer needed to captivate your psyche and project its illusory state in a way that will leave you starry-eyed... or deeply confused, we will see. Emotions will tangle even more when a suspected love triangle emerges between the creators and the created.

I feel an itch coming on...
I feel an itch coming on...

Another intensifying component to our "Qualia" Sci-Fi is the joining of soundtrack composer Ben Salisbury and founder of trip-hop band 'Portishead', Geoff Barrow, who will generate the film's score. Both parties previously worked together on a stand alone album entitled "Drokk", which was originally planned to feature on Garland's production, 'Dredd'. A -Portishead' influence could definitely be a clever attribute to the foreboding underlying theme.

Listen to Portishead below

Qualia: "A term used in philosophy to refer to individual instances of subjective, conscious experience." - Wikipedia

A grown Haley Joel Osment takes a peak...
A grown Haley Joel Osment takes a peak...

We've now got the perfect soundtrack of haunting vibrations to accompany our kaleidoscope vision into the story's eerie discovery of the extent of human recognition.

Happy trippin' folks!

'Ex_Machina' will be out in theaters April 10th 2015.

Watch the trailer below


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