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Amy Martin

As of late, there has been more and more news come out regarding the new [The Walking Dead](series:201193) spin-off TV series, so I've decided to put my two cents in.

The Walking Dead has been set solely in the U.S for its previous 4 1/2 seasons, and although this is great for American audiences, those of us in the rest of the world have to wonder how our own countries would be coping in the 'zombie apocalypse'. It's perfectly reasonable and understandable that the main show be set in the states, but I don't think it's reasonable and understandable to set the spin-off show there also, as only 22.5% of the world's total population currently resides in the United States.

So where could the spin-off series take place? My instant thoughts are other heavily populated countries such as China, Japan, U.K, India, France or Australia. Then again, I think it would be really awesome to see the series take place in a smaller, less talked about country - Egypt, Malta, Madagascar, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Greece, heck, anywhere!

It would be nice to see the show set in a different country for a number of reasons - a big one being that guns are no where near as readily available in most countries as they are in the US, so I think we'd be seeing a lot more 'melee' zombie slaying! Also being set in a third world country (Cambodia, Malawi etc), where they have no access to many of the supplies or buildings, vehicles etc that we see in The Walking Dead.

So my question to you guys is, where do YOU think the spin-off series should take place, and why? Be sure to let me know in the comments section below!


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