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First, let me start off my reminding you that I am Harrison Wells and I am from the future. That should explain everything.

Nevertheless, Merry Christmas and stay safe.

At this point of time, I have realized how short this review will be, considering all the spoilers.


Superman from your Earth-One DC Comics
Superman from your Earth-One DC Comics
  • The Story: A very clever script with a nice twist. I'm sure you guys were all expecting The Dark Knight Returns, but the script definitely has you second-guessing every minute. Basically, neither Batman nor Superman win these unnecessary fights.
  • Superman: He is awesome. I know that is not eloquent, but Superman is simply awesome in this movie. He shows that he is definitely not an idiot and knows the effects of his actions. The audience feels much sympathy for Superman, especially during the protests. All scenes involving him are epic. Like I said, the story is cleverly written.
  • Batman: Now, many of you Earth-One (yes, this is Earth-One) people were worried about Ben Affleck as Batman. Well, he will stun each and every one of you. His voice is much better than Christian Bale's, he expresses a lot of anger, and he is shows such confidence only seen in a veteran.
  • Wonder Woman: Diana's role was pivotal. She did not have as many scenes as Superman or Batman, but she made all the scenes she was in count.
  • Cyborg: Not a lot of scenes, but his relations to Superman were again--cleverly written.
  • Aquaman: Forgive my profanity, but badass. He was very intimidating and powerful, as expected.
  • The Flash: Interesting. He is not our Flash.


The Flash vs. Superman Race

I really hated this scene. The whole movie is an adventure; Clark and Lois go out to explore the world and find other meta-humans (as we would call them). Flash happens to be one of those meta-humans (unfortunately not our Flash) and the two of them race.

In your DC Comics
In your DC Comics

Flash, who is extremely cocky, does not give his best efforts because he knows that he will win. I will not tell you who wins that race, but I can tell you that I was disappointed. Of course, it was just for charity. If their life was on the line, then it would be much more interesting.


I guess disliking one of the scenes shows how good the movie is. I'm happy that there was much more life in it than Man of Steel. Chris Terrio did a stupendous job of adding much-needed humor to this franchise.

About the Justice League--nice. They set up a lot in this movie, but unlike Mockingjay: Part One, Batman v Superman felt like it could stand on its own.

So 10 Stars. I am not much of a movie person, but when it concerns meta-humans, I am very interested. The story was clever, the actors were fantastic, the effects were super realistic, the tone was improved (compared to MoS), and it was very fun.

Thanks for checking out my review, Earth-One people. Share this See you next time! Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!


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