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"Benedict Cumberbatch to play Dr. Strange!"

"A Captain Marvel movie?! A Black Panther movie, too?!"

"Wait, we're not just gonna see Batman vs. Superman in the next few years, but also The Flash, Aquaman, The Suicide Squad, and The Justice League in the next few years, too?!"

"Jared Leto is gonna play The Joker? Hot damn!"

Okay, so nobody probably reacted like that to Jared Leto's casting, but you get the point.

This year has kind of been heaven for nerds, right? It feels like every week we read about some superhero project in the works or a piece of high-profile casting news. Of course most of the big stories are about comic book movies. In the next five years alone there will be 30 comic book movies, and that only includes the ones we know of. In 2015 we should expect plenty of more superhero-related announcements.

There will be more to read about than just superheroes next year, though, and here are seven pieces of movie news we hope you read about in 2015 on Moviepilot:

Robert Zemeckis To Direct a DC Film

If any filmmaker is more than qualified to make a superhero film, it's Robert Zemeckis. The director behind Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and Romancing the Stone has been pushing boundaries for almost 30 years now. He's always displayed a great sense of spectacle. Imagine what Zemeckis could do with The Green Lantern or The Flash. Those characters deserve a director who understands fun. Zemeckis knows how to give popcorn fun real weight, and that's the kind of director some of these DC films need.

John Wick 2 Is Coming, So Hide Your Dogs

John Wick is one of the most surprising films of the year. A former hit man going after the men who killed his dog? It sounds silly, and the film is in the best possible way. Directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski delivered a slick, propulsive, and cool action film with writer Derek Kolstad's refreshingly streamlined script. The death of John's dog actually packs a real punch, and the same goes for Wick's awesomely ludicrous massacre of a small army of mobsters. The world needs to see Keanu Reeves play this character again. The movie was a modest success, so don't be surprised if we hear about a John Wick sequel in 2015.

Spider-Man Fixed or Rebooted

Not everyone is going to agree with this choice. For fandom, The Amazing Spider-Man movies are divisive. Some fans find them superior to Sam Raimi's trilogy, while others think Marc Webb's two Spidey films are total junk. Whatever camp you fall into, you can't deny this reboot just ain't cutting it. The sequel made over 700 million dollars worldwide, and while it's sad to say, that boatload of money isn't the profit Sony is hoping for with these wildly expensive movies. On top of that, both films were troubled productions. Marc Webb, the producers, and the studio weren't on the same page about what kind of movies they were making, and that's obvious in the finished films. What Spider-Man needs is a director with a clear vision, someone who can make a Spidey movie that can compete with the movies Marvel puts out.

After 'John Wick 2', How About a 'Dick Tracy 2'?

Next June marks the 25th anniversary of Dick Tracy. The film has aged beautifully since then. The boisterous sets, costumes, and performances in Warren Beatty's adaptation of Chester Gould's world remains remarkable. The movie was written off as a disappointment, due to following the monstrous success of Tim Burton's Batman, but Dick Tracy was a hit. Beatty still owns the rights to the character and has expressed interested in making a sequel. After a long absence from the big screen Beatty returns next summer with his Howard Hughes bio pic. He's a quality over quantity storyteller, but maybe after finally making that Hughes project he'll be eager to direct more pictures, including a Dick Tracy sequel.

At the Mountains of Madness Is A Go

An R-rated horror movie that costs 150 million sounds like a dream, and it's the kind of dream director Guillermo del Toro won't give up on. He's been trying to make this film for a long time now. Even when James Cameron agreed to produce At the Mountains of Madness starring Tom Cruise it couldn't get off the ground. Perhaps after del Toro's Crimson Peak comes out it'll have a better chance. If that horror movie is a huge hit maybe a studio will be willing to give del Toro's pricey adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's monster tale a chance. If not, then at least we'll see del Toro make Pacific Rim 2.

More Jack Reacher, Please

Like John Wick, Jack Reacher is a badass who could sustain our attention for more than one movie. Reacher is one of the coolest characters we've seen over these past few years. You know author Lee Child's protagonist is going survive and win in Jack Reacher, but how he goes about winning is what makes him so exciting. He defeats his enemies with both smarts and physical strength, while mostly relying on the former. Tom Cruise silenced Reacher fans with his commanding performance. The actor is currently working with writer-director Christopher McQuarrie once again on Mission Impossible 5, and hopefully the success of that film leads to another go around with Jack Reacher.

The Return of Mike Myers

It's been five and a half years since we've seen a film starring Mike Myers, which is a real shame. Yes, the last film he starred in and co-wrote was (sigh) The Love Guru, but that doesn't detract from the fact he's one of the greatest comedic talents around. He directed a documentary this year, Supermensch The Legend of Shep Gordon, and he says he's always developing projects. Myers has always had a reputation for being a protectionist, so he doesn't exactly rush any of his projects. Plus, now that he has kids, it makes sense we don't see him every two years or so in a movie. Nonetheless, who doesn't miss buying a ticket to a Mike Myers movie? Another Austin Powers movie is certainly a possibility.

What movie news do you hope to read about in 2015?


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