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Kristin Lai

I recently had the pleasure of watching the documentary aptly titled Mudbloods. The film hits pretty close to home as it involves Harry Potter and my alma mater, UCLA. That being said, I will keep this review as unbiased as possible. And with that being said, believe me when I say, completely devoid of bias, that this documentary was really great.

It’s an underdog story based around a fictitious fantasy sport turned into a reality. What’s not to love?

UCLA graduate film student, Farzad Nikbakht Sangari, directed the film, which started out as a short film project. After spending time with the team, he felt inspired to turn it into a feature length film, and I'm certainly glad he did.

Led by their fearless team captain, Tom Marks takes us through the world of the UCLA Quidditch team in their training, fundraising, and general lives as they earn their way to the IQA Quidditch World Cup in New York.

The film also features Alex Benepe, Comissioner, International Quidditch Association and Katie Aiani, Box Office Magazine’s voted number one fan and owner of the most badass Harry Potter room in the world (as voted by me).

While Quidditch has a history based in fantasy, that doesn’t make it any less intense. This is full-contact, people, and it’s no joke. Blood is literally shed on the Quidditch pitch.

Still, even as competing teams go head-to-head, there is a deep sense of camaraderie that remains. Even the crosstown rivalry between UCLA and USC is nothing but friendly. Watching the love of Harry Potter bond even these two schools is spectacular site to behold. As they say in the movie, many times, this is a sport adapted from a series of children’s fantasy books, after all, so having fun comes first.

This movie might not be for everyone. But if you like documentaries, sports, or Harry Potter, this will be right up your alley. It also gives the viewer the rare feeling that they’re watching history in the making. I expect my children, and my children’s children, to be well versed in the rules and regulations of this “real” Quidditch. Hopefully I won’t be too old to partake in a quick scrimmage from time to time.

Not only will this film inspire everyone to go outside and start playing Quidditch, but it will also remind fans of the Harry Potter series just how magically prevalent and kind our fandom is.

Confession time: I have never played Quidditch. Even in my many days of walking past this exact team on campus, I was nervous because I am so embarrassingly lacking in the athletic department. After watching this movie, I am going to go pick up a broom and headband and live out my dreams of being a Chaser.

So, if anyone wants to start a MP Quidditch team, count me in! If you want to feel inspired by this movie like I was and also help schools raise money for their Quidditch teams, it's available here.


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